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Dealing with debilitating injury
(12-24-2014, 07:57 AM)Patrick46 Wrote: 20+ some years ago, I really clobbered my back. I ended up confined to my bed for a month and a half. (not good when you're only in your late 20's)

I completely blew a disk out. They wanted to do a cage in my back...but those were still kinda new just yet, and I'd heard others having issues with ' no thanks!!

What was my other option???

Take better care of myself.

I have to bend over quite a bit in my work, and that old back injury still likes to show itself, but as long as I'm taking care of myself, keeping myself in check, and watching how I lift and bend my body, (which is what sets it off)...I can usually work through it in a day or so.

 TAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY. It's the only one you get!! Get out and get some exercise. Get the blood circulating. Move your body around (and not just to grab another bag of chips!!) gotta maintain your body.

This sounds a lot like me, only I was in the early 30's when I slipped a disc in my lumbar spine, following several years of driving concrete ready-mix trucks.  In my case it took years before I could return to work of any kind.  When it first went out, I ended up in the hospital for 4 days (I couldn't walk or get up off the floor at all, and I was in blinding pain).  

My doctor also wanted to put a metal cage around my spine, but back then it wasn't perfected (is it now?) and came with too many complications and huge risk of a relapse, so I said NO WAY, JOSE!  

Now I'm 52 and most of the time, 80+%, I feel great.   Today's injury really came out of left field.  I was just climbing on my bike to run a few local errands and get some exercise.  

Unfortunately, I've been laid up in bed for months, following rotator cuff surgery, so I haven't been able, until lately, to get any exercise.  I'm guessing this has a lot to do with why I re-injured my back today.  
Now I'm in major pain and have a lot of trouble getting off the bed and/or across the room.  Confused   I'm not happy about this.  

As someone said, having to worry about our future health sucks (I coined that a little), and i know I have to worry about it.
My injury is a combination of workplace abuse, and the natural degenerative process we all suffer as we age.  
This means that as I get older my spine is going to degenerate more quickly than some (I got a head start).  

When I think what's in store for me in the future, it worries me a lot.  

To the OP.  I know this thread i old, but how are you doing now?
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