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Making a living as a traveling poker dealer
(11-10-2017, 02:36 PM)John61CT Wrote: Well, I guess saying that's just un-American, doesn't carry much weight 8-)

Sadly, not these days. 

This state does some backwards stuff.  Seen a few things, so it really makes (sad) sense if it's true.  I'm only really here for my grandmother (88yo). 
I heard a couple friends who've lived here for decades talking about NM.  They said it's run like one of those backwater small towns.  Ya know, the ones where the sheriff or the mayor "...are THE LAW in this here town!"
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Reducto, you've mentioned that WSOP even generally pays ~30/hr and one can usually get ~50hrs/week. (thank you for being so candid!)

What about other, smaller events?  10day tourneys in Fla, Ca, etc.  Are the numbers about the same?  I'm trying to figure out budget outside of the main event.  Smile
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Wow. Did not realize it was $30 an hour. That’s pretty nice for a temporary job with no commitment.

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The lowest pay I've experienced is around $25/hr. Some events pay considerably more but those are getting harder to get into, as you might expect. Word gets around. If you work on your skills and get to know people you can work your way in.

The number of hours you can work varies quite a bit and is difficult to predict. Sometimes more players than expected show up to play and a few dealers back out at the last minute so we get slammed with 70+ hour weeks, sometimes their estimates are way off and we get closer to 30 hours. New events are usually light on hours because they over-hire just in case demand is really high. Larger, established events are more predictable and they will usually try to let you work long hours if you want to.

I've really only had one event that turned out to be a waste (I made $550 in 10 days, barely covering my travel expenses) and that was a new event in a tiny casino. I was just starting out and happy to have something to put on my resume so it wasn't so bad.
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Hey Reducto,

Will you be at this years' Winter RTR?
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Sorry, I'm working in South Florida for the next month.
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(12-25-2017, 05:36 PM)Reducto Wrote: Sorry, I'm working in South Florida for the next month.

Smart. Warm there

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A friend of mine is offering classes in Sacramento for $700. 3 days a week for 6 weeks. All of his students passed their WSOP auditions last year. PM me for details. I won't get a commission, just passing this along as it's the cheapest class I've seen in a while.

You would need to jump on this soon, applications are already up for this Summer's event.
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I am curious to how dealers of blackjack and general table games (the 2 non poker dealer jobs I see advertised) fare compared to poker if anyone has any insight.
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For WSOP, you make your money in tourny downs or cash games? I've heard tourny am is a good shift to request.

Also, any suggestions for the stay there? I put my application in this week and assuming all goes well, I would guess it's best to lock down a place sooner rather than later.

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