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I love to garden. (I'm not that good at it... but Lord willin' I'll stick to it to my dying day even if I never coax more than three tomatoes from one plant).

Right now we live on a quarter acre in a neighborhood. Our house takes up about half the room. The rest is split between the front and back yards. We have to be careful what we do with the front yard (neighborhood, remember?) and the back is filled with shade trees. There's a TINSY little patch that I garden in right now.... I will miss it so badly when we move.

Our plans are to get land, eventually, which means LOTS of room to garden! Until then, we will be living in an RV park that my grandparents manage, and the owners have already okay'd gardening a plot.

However, if those plans fall through, I still want to have options for gardening inside or on the motorhome. I know when driving I probably can't have any surviving plants on the outside. And as far as the inside, I was reading about sprouting on here. But I would like to do herbs, shoving things in any corner that gets sunlight.

Has anyone done anything like this? Any tips for space saving containers? Any cons that make it better to just leave the garden outside? Any ideas of what to do with hanging containers when driving?

Just throwing thoughts out there. There's a fair chance I could just be crazy.

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Gardenias (06-17-2017)
In the old days when cattle drives were common, the cooks used to plant herbs at their regular stops along the way. This meant there was less to carry with them and there would always be fresh herbs handy at each of their stops. You'll obviously have to do a little research into what can grow where and time of year and what not, but it's doable!


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Gardenias (06-17-2017)
div><br></div><div>That's a great idea! Thank you! I was just thinking about doing that with flowers... it would be a blessing to the next people to get the spot as well. I would love to add herbs to that little plan. Maybe I could leave behind little weatherproof signs showing what herb is what. Hum... </div><div><br></div><div>I was also just thinking about something else. What if I reserve a little place in the storage underneath for my potted plants? I could get a Tupperware box to fit the area, attach lights on the underside of the lid, and when we are traveling, place my plants in there, making sure to attend to them every once and a while when we pit stop... and then when we get to our destination, set them out again... I could grow many herbs together in a few different pots... and maybe a few flowers for a woman's touch. **think, think, thinkin**</div>
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Gardenias (06-17-2017)

edible flowers

My daughter Dakota makes violet jam. The flowers may be frozen, she did that and made jam at Christmas.  I'm not a good cook, an attention span thing. Mine didn't turn out so I told everyone I made violet syrup.

Also, wasn't it you Steve that started a thread about sprouts here?

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Gardenias (06-17-2017)
Container gardens, that can be moved in and out as you travel are one option. Growing in a container also allows you to move plants out of or into the shade/shelter, as needed.

I've used the 3 sisters method, in a container, when space was lacking. I grew corn in several containers and alternated the other plants so I had more than just corn, beans and squash.

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Gardenias (06-17-2017)
We sold a few of these a-while back they worked well



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Gardenias (06-17-2017)
you could try growing things that have short root systems. like lettuce, some herbs, i once gave a bucket to a friend with 4 beans seeds in it. it sat on their porch and grew fine with little attention. if its a plant bucket it can sit in a window? every year i grow sweet basil, oregano and parsley in small plant buckets on the porch. short root systems and i can usually harvest many times and then dry them and end up with a full jelly jar of it that is good for at least 6 months of cooking (use less its stronger than store bought). i just throw mine in a bowl somewhere and forget about them. when dry, crumble and put in jar. i had 6 pickings from each of the herb plants this last season. pick or cut with scissors the tops before they flower and they will keep producing. i mix all 3 herbs together in same jar.

another neat thing to do that can work well in traveling is to make your own apple cider vinegar.
i have been doing it this way for many years but i know others may have a different way to do it.
lets say i make an apple pie. peel and core apples, soak in water with a cap of lemon juice. i use about 4 medium to large apples. they only soak as long as it takes me to cut them all up and put in pie crust.
i take the peels and cores and throw them in a jar with plain water. (fill jar with water). then put up on shelf with the lid slightly lose but still on.
then i forget about it for a month. end of that month (maybe another week or so in cold weather), i smell it. if it is good and strong its ready. i then just add it to my old jug with previous made ACV.
its organic and cheap and good for lots of things. if you do this, i'd suggest diluting it by 3-1  vinegar/water when using it. its stronger than what you buy in store.
it is a good tonic for humans and animals (helps with fleas/worms/parasites) and is a good colon cleanser. put some on meat to tenderize it. little goes a long way. its also good as a vapor to inhale with a cold.
i used to put 1/4 cup in the goats grain when i milked and it almost doubled the milk supply and is a good wormer. good for the hair of both humans and animals.

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Sunny1 (06-27-2017), Gardenias (06-17-2017)
dogs and cats and chickens like it in their food too. if when your done with the month waiting on the vinegar and you see a scum on the edges or top of it, don't throw it out. thats your "mother". i just swirl it to mix it in and dump all in old jar, re-use present jar, no i don't rinse it. just add a new batch. i'm lazy.
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Gardenias (06-17-2017)
Thanks for the links - I'm definitely bookmarking those! <img src="/images/boards/smilies/biggrin.gif" border="0" align="absmiddle"> Violet jam sounds so interesting! I love to cook and have always wanted to learn to can and make jams... Hopefully I'll learn later this year when I go to visit my dearest friend Brittney on her new farm! She and her husband are doing all kinds of gardening and will have lots to can this harvest. I'll have to tell her about this interesting recipe!</div><div><br></div>
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Thank you! I bookmarked both sites! That 3 sister's method looks pretty amazing. You can pack so much into one place. I can't believe they grow pumpkins so close to the other plants. I will have to try that even in my garden now!</div>
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