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what bike? (motorbike)
i assume a few of you keep a motorbike strapped to the back for local trips when parked up?

what are you driving?

i want something not too big, 250 ish, comfortable for an hour or two drive into town to pick up some shopping etc. but able to handle a few boondocking type dirt roads.

i'd get something like a honda rebel 250 for the road (my friend has one and i've driven it a lot and its fine) but a bit low to the ground and weak frame for much off road work.

i'm not a huge fan of dual sport bikes because not comfortable on the road.

any ideas?

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what i want is one if these
what i can afford is one of these
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i just noticed on akrvbob signature he drives a rebel 250
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(03-11-2015, 08:24 PM)steveh2112 Wrote: what i can afford is one of these

These Yamaha TW's are great bikes, and the perfect thing to hang off the back of a van or stuff into a cargo trailer (which is what I'm gonna do)

I just scored onna these for my wifey.
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(03-11-2015, 09:00 PM)Patrick46 Wrote: These Yamaha TW's are great bikes, and the perfect thing to hang off the back of a van or stuff into a cargo trailer (which is what I'm gonna do)

I just scored onna these for my wifey.

yep, it does look nice. i rode a KLR650 for a long time, go anywhere but way too tall for my wife to ride. this is probably a better bet than the rebel if off roading of any type is in my future

i'd need to get some luggage racks and bags on that thing for shopping
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My neighbor has one of those TW 200s on the rack behind his RV. OP not a 'fan' of Dual Sport bikes but then lists two as choices? Comfort can be improved with aftermarket seats. There are several members with KLR 650s. I've always found mine comfortable enough and know that there are plenty of people that put world class adventure touring miles on them.

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I road a KLR650 for years almost every day to work and on short trips. From the blazing summer down to 11.5 degrees F. Great bike, sold it to get a KLR250, still searching for one now. My only complaint over 30k mile worth of riding is the vibrations from such a big thumper(single cylinder engine). It would make my hands go numb after long rides. I tried everything to cure it, got better but never went away.
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I have a Yamaha XT-225. It weighs 250# and gets about 74 mpg. Put it in my pickup and drove out to Silveryon, CO and rode the high passes for a week then up to Moab, UT for another week of riding in the desert. Again with about 7 guys and gals.

It's a great bike and will go anywhere. Light enough to haul on the back or front of your van. And with trials tires has enough grip for dirt/sand or the highway. It's a 2006 and I bought it off of a friend for $1300 back in 2008. I ride it around the farm and into town, 23 miles for errands. Also explore the woods around here in NW Florida. Good ground clearance, a skid plate and I can straddle flat footed. I have a 31" inseam for reference.

I also have a 2006 Suzuki 650cc V-Strom for a road bike. But rarely use it unless I go more than 50 miles. The XT -225 is my go to bike. Both bikes are dual sport but it's kind of a stretch to call the Suzuki a Dual sport. The Suzuki is top heavy, has no skid plate and has alloy wheels.

You can't go wrong with the XT.
Wade In NW Florida
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i have 7 honda scooters now, 3 for me and family and 4 for rent. one of them, honda airblade, i've taken it on roads many dirt bikes would think twice about. its a shame honda doesn't import their full range of bikes to the US. and shipping it over there isn't an options since there would be no where to have it serviced and repaired.

this one is great for on and off road
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xt225 look great

how about on the road, how is your behind after an hour or so on that?
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