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what bike? (motorbike)
It's a TW200 for me. I'm trying to figure a way to make it my surf fishing ride.
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This Suzuki S40 Boulevards is I think the perfect back-up vehicle. I tow mine on a 4x8 trailer behind my 1993 Dutchman MH. I get 55-60 mpg and it can comfortably carry two up at highway speeds. With bags and a luggage rack it can easily carry the groceries home.  The wet weight is under 400 lbs. Jeff
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Check out a madass 125. Yes, that's it's name. It's about 200 lbs and gets about 70 mpg.
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I got one of these, 500 bucks Honda clone Coleman, never done this just been walking to town or getting a ride or taking a bike. Not sure how local Az. leo will respond.

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2015 RTR
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When I retire in the next year or so I plan on taking my dual sport (DR650) with me but I want to be able to explore dirt roads and trails. I also have a 250 Aprilia scooter that would make a great bike to take along. It can handle dirt roads fine with its 16" wheels but more importantly it can cruise on highways easily in the mid 70s with no problem. I'd seriously consider a scooter for a run around bike. Cheap to buy used and cheap to maintain if you get a reliable brand and just a blast to ride. Plenty of storage on most as well for getting supplies.
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