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what bike? (motorbike)
me, 5 week moto-cycling-camping trip. honda, VFR800
(van/RV not required; motorcycle & bicycle ARE required)
[Image: craig006.jpg]  
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holy smokes flailer. highdesertranger
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Yeah, but it really isn't a good motorcycle for RV'ing Van'ing. I'm gunna sell it. To big a hassle to take with.
While the KTM, with a dirt-bike frame, is simplier to mount & bring, and much funner to ride as well.
~ It's never to late to have a good childhood ~
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Just in case you're interested, a close-up of the bicycle rack.  
[Image: DSCN1063.jpg]
this is my second CUSTOM motorcycle / bicycle rack.  My first worked for both road & mtn bikes.  But this one is for long distance touring / high mileage, thus it is custom for a particular mtn bike (and particular MC as well).  Here it is mounted on my 2004 VFR. There are two bolts passing through rear grab-bar, then through the rack itself and then onto the motorcycle subframe. The front of the bicycle rack is mounted via two bolts into the frame where the frame mount for the passenger peg would be (if it were not removed). Clamps on the rack itself clamp onto the bicycle's front fork and onto the bicycle frame's seat-tube. 

I felt comfortable riding it, fully loaded, for thousands of miles, at freeway speeds (and beyond.  cough cough.)  I toured the entire west coast a couple times including S. Calif, OR, WA, into Canada, North Shore, Whistler, and beyond.  I have prolly a hundred pics from those trips. 
~ It's never to late to have a good childhood ~
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The longer I have it, the more I love my KLR 650. When I'm not riding it (almost 29,000 miles so far) I usually haul it in a trailer. I have a heavy duty moto hauler and it's not bad on the back of a 1 ton truck, but I wouldn't hall it on anything less that way. If I had a van instead of a cargo trailer, and was looking for a bike to go with it, I think something along the lines of a DRZ 400 would be about perfect. If I was a little smaller (I'm 230 lbs and 6' tall) I look at something along the lines of a KLR 250.
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has anyone figured out how to transport water on a bike, assuming trying to get 2 of these on?

its 13.813 x 7.313 x 20.625 so maybe need to make a special side rack for it
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custom rack(s)?
~ It's never to late to have a good childhood ~
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I purchased a couple of quick detachable wire mesh bicycle baskets that mount to my smack luggage rack. They are perfect for grocery shopping as they have a built in wire handle that folds down. A 1.5 gallon gas can fits perfectly in them too (with room for more on top) to extend my range. It will easily hold a gallon water jug with room to spare too. It you have a need to carry more water you could tie the handles of 2 of the flat cans you linked to together with short ropes and throw them over the seat like a pair of saddlebags, keeping the weight own low.

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(03-15-2015, 10:17 PM)flailer Wrote: custom rack(s)?

my plan is get something like this

i expect i could get 2 of those walmart 6 gallon containers on there. it would be interesting to see some photos of someone who's done it
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Those racks look to be designed mainly for soft bags but if you made some clamps I don't see why they wouldn't work.
I've hauled up to 4 one gallon jugs slung over the seat with rope, I'm sure up to 8 would be no problem without a rack or any mounting, 12 gallons is a lot of weight, around 100lbs if my brain is working right. If you plan on hauling that kind of load on a regular basis I would suggest picking a bike that has a selection of heavy duty racks available off the shelf unless you can fabricate your own.

Rotopax are popular with adventure riders, they make them for both gas and water but they are expensive and require proprietary hardware.
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