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Has anyone considered an aerobic composting toilet?
 Yup, they're rather pricey, but no blackwater problems or dumping porta-potti's! I've been seriously thinking about it for the longest while.. anyone else?

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This is an option that I am thoroughly interested in, however, the price of these is prohibitive. I assumed, after a few years, the price of these might go down. No such luck. They are still priced out of any market I'd be interested in. I haven't considered them for awhile so I'm a bit shocked that the price is still so high!


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I just googled "how to make a composting toilet" and there's lots of info on building your own toilet.

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My van actually had one of these eco-toilets in it when I bought it.

I also  found a brand new, still in the box with instruction,Thedford; lying on a garbage pile last summer. So I'm actually all "canned" up for now. Although I'm still intrigued by the composting toilet market.


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That's the last place I want to work out at.

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sl1966 Wrote:That's the last place I want to work out at.

Just 'think green'.
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Willy Wrote:[QUOTE=sl1966]That's the last place I want to work out at.

That's what I was originally thinking too.!!
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Willy Wrote:Just 'think green'.


But thanks for the heads up. Have you looked into the incinerator toilets? There's also a waterless toilet system in south africa that basically dehydrates everything.

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When I was a lad and worked for the railroad we lived in bunk cars; they had incinerator toilets. They seemed to work good. I actually looked a little on the web for them but they must be out of favor; there isn't much reference  to them.


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