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Has anyone considered an aerobic composting toilet?
A local church has one of those #^*&# incinolet toilets- nothing makes my Sunday afternoon like a call that "it isn't working, again" .....just to be clear- there is no indication that the element is not working until, well until it is "loaded:" and failed to that time it has been loaded again...... get the picture?
I'm not really a fan of incinolet........will stick with my low tech composting or bag system.

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I like the "Nature's Head" toilet because it easily seperates liquid from solids and allows composting of the solids.  It is going in my cabin in the next few months. I'll let you all know how it works and what kinda space it requires.  If it works well, it will be going in my vandweller vehicle. The cost is about $900 here in Alaska.  But a septic system is $6 to $9,000.  Plus I don't have a well yet either which is more than $9000 for me.  That makes $900 not look so bad!

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wayne49 (08-06-2017)
Here's a thread on the 'Nature's Head' composting toilet:  ..Willy.
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Here's some interesting reading:  Called "Goodbye to the Flush Toilet", it's all about composting toilets and such. I actually used to have the book, but it 'grew legs' and walked away, along with some of my tools (why, O WHY, my 9/16ths  wrench!!).
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I have a Nature's Head that's been in service since August 2011. It is being used in a small home that has no plumbing. Now going on 8 months use I have dumped the solids once so far. The 2+ gallon liquid container gets dumped 1-2 times a week. It is claimed to use about 2AH/day to power the fan. I have started to retrofit it into my class C. No more dumping except grey water for me and my potable water supply will last a lot longer! After 8 months of use I would say it's an excellent way to go. You can easily build one with a kit for a less than the Natures Head cost.

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Just for chuckles (or,in my neck of the woods, sh*ts 'n' giggles), after thoroughly paging through the humanure website, I decided to experiment here at work.  I run the small single-bay, tiny office maintenance shop at a golf course. We are downstream from the septic. We have a porta-john for our convenience.  It's cold. Now it's hot.  And nasty. So I took a 5 gallon bucket, put a trash can liner in it, put some "speedi-dry" oil absorbent in it and waited for the first convenient "urge".  Wasn't long, went and got a scoop of speei-dry, took the lid off the bucket, made a deposit (both liquid and solid) covered it up with speedi-dry, and put the lid on.  Two weeks and a few usages later, and nobody ever knew that right there in my tiny office, under my neatly folder coveralls, was a bucket of human waste.  So, in all fairness, and after exhaustive analysis (the root of which is "anal"), I conclude that the system really works!
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Gardenias (10-03-2017)
sparky1 Wrote:I'n my Work /camp Van (1986) it has (2) 5 gallon buckets-& Dirt (do your thing) cover a cat. been working many Years.manual operation & has a computer Fan for venting any possible smell..
sparky1 in

When you gotta go, you gotta go, and I know I'll go in them when I gotta. Not sure that I can deal with buckets long term though. I remember being weirded out when I was younger by the hole in the ground toilets with those runner blocks next to it. Digging a hole in the ground to use, no problem. Mom always said I was a strange kid.

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I plan to experiment with this anaerobic one:
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I built one for my step van. Description starts here.
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We have an old Nature's Head in storage now (you never know when you need a composting toilet, ya know). It was used a total of seven years when our son lived in a Tuffshed with no sewer.

As long as the fan runs, the odor is minimal until the trapdoor is opened during use. When it was time to empty it (about every two months of one person full-time use), our son would use the house toilet for crap for a week. Then the toilet contents were "cooked" enough to go into our household compost bin. The compost was used only for ornamentals. You couldn't tell that it was humanure.

The toilet separates urine from the fecal material. You empty the bottle wherever.

After 6 years, we replaced the fan and gasket. The crank of the shitstirrer rusted and we got a new one.

The owner of the company runs it by himself and is extremely helpful. Just the customer service alone made it a better product. We would buy it again. If, down the road we decide to get a true RV, we will pull out the factory toilet and put in the Nature's Head. And use the blackwater rank for greywater.
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