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Has anyone considered an aerobic composting toilet?
I had to suspend the Bokashi Fermentation experiment (composting cat feces). I couldn't keep up with the litter box upkeep (I don't know how people do it!). I was planning to shred the paper clutter in the house and convert it to litter, and hadn't even started that project. So for now, she continues to use the toilet until I can catch up. Sad

I disagree that the anaerobic process is odor-free. It has a distinctive odor that I find nauseating. Though, maybe I'm doing something wrong.

My turn came up at the library for the Humanure Handbook; and I'm learning lots. (Wow...are we making a mess of our planet!)
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I have been using a 2.5 gallon bucket and about 4 baby wipes each time I "leave a pooh". I can comfortably squat over it in the morning to take care of business. The resulting goodness is then dumped in a metal 55 gallon drum and rinsed and dumped in that same drum. I followed some instructions on a biogas website in how to make the lid using various Size's of PVC pipes and silicone sealant. I can't seem to find the page now but when I do I will update this thread. But I have filled two drums and the resulting gas is biogas which I save in cheap inflatable raft. I had hoped to get enough biogas to convert a propane cook top. But my resulting digesters seam not to be totally sealed tight. The summer is coming to a close and I am moving out of my mini van into something larger so I believe I am going to just compost the resulting humanity.
I am definitely going to go the route of the composting toilet for my new build. I recommend the biogas if someone can figure out a way to build a digester for an RV toilet.

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Pardon the auto correct mistakes. But in the beginning of this experiment I was able to almost completely fill the inflatable raft with the biogas.
Also I am composting the humanure here on the farm where I am currently squatting.

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(08-26-2017, 08:39 AM)Gypsy Clipper Wrote: "Pardon the auto correct mistakes.  ..."

Lol...I thought it was an appropriate play on words...either way that one takes it!
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I'd learned lots reading that Humanure handbook!
Now I'm wondering if, like black water disposal sites, are there humanure composting sites?
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