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Nevada Residency
(09-25-2016, 12:57 AM)Vagabound Wrote: Which didn't have the answer to the question, which is why I persisted, and why Tussah searched and found it.

Now that's a good suggestion worth thinking about.  Though unrelated to the question about RV park receipts, it might make getting a Real ID easier later.



The link stated what was required. How could that not answer your question? It also provides a link to what is needed for a Nevada licence. States issue drivers licenses to the people who reside in their State. As long as you have a licence from a State other than Nevada, you are a resident of that other State. 

This thread is about Nevada residency. That is what I addressed. If the link I gave you said you had to have a RV receipt, then that would be required. Since it doesn't say that, nor does it say you have to be here 30 days, then neither are required.
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(09-25-2016, 09:16 AM)DannyB1954 Wrote: The link stated what was required. How could that not answer your question? ...

In order to answer that question, you'd have to read my original question carefully.

However, mute point now.  It has been practically answered, so at this point, I think we're beating the dead guy who used to beat the dead horse. ;-)

Also officially hates touch screens ... and not so smart phones ... oh, and those squeaky little shoes that Satan invented for toddlers.

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(09-22-2016, 10:36 PM)Vagabound Wrote: While I appreciate as much as the next guy having the latest in rapidly-purchasable firepower duct-taped to all parts of my body, maybe we can get back to the topic of proving residency. ;-)

So, if I'm understanding right, a person can get a spot in some idyllic, moon-landscape RV park, pay for a month, get the right receipt that shows your name and a month paid, and without even sleeping that night there, rush over to DMV and start the process.  The only important factor seems to be that the receipt must list 30 days of paid RV spot rental.  Is that right?

Was that a yes? I'm doing the same and would like to know
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I arrived in Nevada, paid rent at an RV park, for a month, within days of my arrival I went to the DMV and got a drivers license with my rent receipt. After that I went to the PO and rented a box. What you need is on the NDMV website. Be prepared to spend the day at the DMV, they seem to be terribly short handed.
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I use googles site search for searching here, seems to work better than the search engine here.

Example\remove quotes...

" Nevada residency"

This might help in supercharging anyone's world wide web investigative skills.
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If one is in Pahrump, it's worth a drive up to Goldfield or Tonopah for DMV services.

There are places to see along the way and at each place. DMVs are staffed by friendly, helpful folks.

Goldfield DMV is in the City Clerk's office in the Courthouse. Historical photographs. Across the street is the closed Masonic hotel which is reputed to be haunted.

Tonopah's DMV is in the Scolari's parking lot. There is new Family Dollar nearby.

You can be in and out in 15 minutes.

The time you would have spent waiting at the Pahrump DMV will instead be passed looking at how different Nevada looks depending on water and elevation. The Joshua trees appear above 3,500ft. There is a sizable cattle ranch north of Beatty. The trailhead for some mountain bike trails is near there as well. Tonopah is at 6K ft. Goldfield is 5K+ft.

In Pahrump, the tech wouldn't process my title application for a brand new motorcycle I had purchased from an Arizona dealer. I had the correct paperwork from the dealer for a new vehicle. The tech would not process it, because the certification of mileage box (for used vehicle transfers) was not filled out by the dealer.

My last visit ever to the Pahrump DMV.
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Minivanmotoman (09-21-2017)
They were pleasant enough and did everything I needed in Pahrump, but it took all day. I didn't even think of going to Goldfield or Tonapah!
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Just to fulfill my role as a nitpicker, it's a MOOT point, not a MUTE point. 

Comes from a class that budding lawyers have to take called "Moot Court".  They're assigned a perspective to argue before the court, even if it's nonsense.   The point that they argue is called "MOOT".. because it makes no real difference.  

You're welcome... 

Pat, whose head is full of trivia and many other moot points.
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Linda Cripple-Creek (12-28-2017)
Don't worry Pat, you're not the only picker of nit; you're among friends here.
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pnolans (09-22-2017)
Valerie, who did you pick for your mail forwarder in Nevada?
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