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Nevada Residency
I was going to correct myself,  it's called " MOCK " Court,  not moot court. .


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Actually,  this is very timely,  Tom. 

I am probably heading that way next week to do the same thing. 

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I have been looking for this information myself

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No website search beats google
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Something to consider, does your insurance carrier require a physical address. I thought I read they would. For them only, using my daughters address here in Vegas.

Also the Las Vegas DMV has what they call Dash Pass. You can sign up on line for an appointment and they have several locations.
On the journey of a lifetime!
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For the coming tightening regime on "real IDs", your physical address should be used for **all** government / financial purposes as your residence, so everything is consistent.

All such entities are happy to take a separate **mailing** address which can be a letterbox / forwarding service, even out of state, no legal standing.

" Where my lawyer and accountant deal with my paperwork, since I often travel for long periods. "

But if DMV and insurance an banks, taxes etc are not all the same, I bet will cause an issue down the road.
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