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Turn a Jar of Mayo Into the Perfect Hiding Place for Your Valuables
Pretty cool.

He's done some other cool videos, too.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

Cyndi (made it across the cattle guard)

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And unless you're using the cat tin with real mayo part, the jar can go in the pantry because it looks like a full jar. The real stuff for on sandwiches can go in the cooler.
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Cool!!! But dang, that mayo jar is big!! lol Not so great when space is a premium. Wonder now, what else would work on the smaller scale.. *note to self: scour fridge for ideas today* Thanks for the link, he's got some cool ideas and videos!
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See if you can find some brown paint that will mimic peanut butter.


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Now i know to check the mayo jars.
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cdiggy (05-24-2015)
Well, I guess if the thief wants to make a sandwich, it is 50/50 that he will discover the false bottom. Some people stick the knife all the way in the jar... Dodgy
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Whomever robbed my daughter earlier in the week ransacked her cupboards and refrigerator as well. Stole money, some tools and food. Then they stopped back bay and stole my Kindle Fire out of my Jeep (windows were open) which they found when they trashed the glove box and console between the front seats (dinged me for two games from Amazon before I realized what happened and shut the 1 click ordering off and long with my Kindle). Not sure the mayo jar would have worked. But other ideas might. Main thing is don't leave all your money in the same place.

I hate thieves.
This is merely what I did. I am not telling you to do this. I am just saying what I did. This may or may not work for Vandwellers. I am not a Vandweller. I live in a skoolie. I do not boondock so this may or may not be suitable for those who do boondock. Fulltime since 2006.
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It is a good idea to stop the novice thief, but keep in mind that learned thieves will grab bottles, boxes, and cans of mayo, pickles, flour, cereal, etc., and smash them on the floor. Hiding valuables in food is a common tactic that knowledgeable criminals exploit.
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GaRay (01-01-2018)
Put a box somewhere with a toggle switch or a gauge on it. Depending on where it is maybe some wires. Put a label on it. Who's going to waste time dismantling your system to see if that's really a fuse box or a water pump switch? Or, make a trash basket or hamper with a fake bottom. Or, install something that looks like a water filter under your sink , but is not hooked to the plumbing. Or have a false backing in the medicine cabinet or above a drawer. Or,, have an old style tape recorder case with the guts removed (you can't even give those old tape recorders way.) Or, create a false wall or ceiling or floor panel. Or, a false backing in the glove compartment. Or, an envelope inside the zippered cover for a pillow or a mattress. Or, a hidden panel under the shower or the toilet base. Or, where I put mine, which I'm not telling.
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There are tons of fake products that look real that are used as safes. Amazon has quite a few of them. Many are made with plastic or metal, so a thief could not just throw them on the ground to see which are real. Using glass opens up that possibility. 
My idea would be to put them in a storage box with a lot of similar items, like a canned pea safe with a bunch of real canned items. A thief would have to take them all out and try to unscrew every one. Unless they knew you had a stash, it is unlikely a thief would want to spend a lot of time searching every nook and cranny.
They have shaving cream cans, chlorine bottles and a bunch of other safes too..
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