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Families Living Off-Grid
Do YOU and your family live OFF-GRID?

Raw, a multi-award winning TV production company is looking for people living off-grid, to feature in a BRAND NEW series for U.S. television.

We are looking for families and individuals, from across America, who have already started living an off-grid life either part-time OR full-time.

Wherever your home is, from the mountains to the wetlands, from a wooden cabin in the forest to a cave or a boat… we want to hear from you.

To find out more about this exciting opportunity, get in touch TODAY.


Using Your Personal Information: We will use the information you provide for the purposes of casting selection only, and this may include sharing your information with the Network. We will not sell or pass your information to any third parties. We may contact you in the future to enquire about your potential participation in other programmes.

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Still Workin...
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sounds familiar... oh yeah you already tried this here....
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(06-02-2015, 10:14 AM)minimotos95 Wrote: sounds familiar... oh yeah you already tried this here....

Sounds familiar to me too.
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This thread is from 2015!
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The following 1 user says Thank You to Almost There for this post:
highdesertranger (10-24-2017)
How do people even find these and not see the date?

Seems a website design flaw to me
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why would it be a website design flaw? the date of every post is right the in the upper left hand corner of the post. highdesertranger
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Seems people don't notice?

IF last post > six months old

When going to save a new post, pop up a "zombie thread" notification, ask "are you sure?"

Just a suggestion. . .
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Zombie thread? Oh boy, now this is gonna turn into a zombie apocalypse discussion.
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It's a common expression.

Can be good for very specific technical topics to keep everything together, as long as the info is still relevant

or someone's build thread over a long period.

But for a general discussion, someone resurrecting a "conversation" that ended years ago and all the participants no longer around. . .

sometimes downright misleading when tech advice given years ago is not so relevant anymore
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