How To Unsubscribe (stop notifications)
How to stop email notifications:

1)  Log into the forums
2)  Go into your "User CP" (control panel, at upper right) at
3)  Go into "Subscribed Threads" (lower left column) at
4)  Delete all thread subscriptions (check mark each on right, then "Delete subscriptions" from drop-down menu at bottom right, press the "Go" button)
5)  Go into "Forum Subscriptions" (lower left column) at
6)  Delete all forum subscriptions (check mark each on the right, then "Delete subsciptions" from drop-down menu at bottom right, press the "Go" button)
7)  Go into "Edit Options" (middle left column after gear icon) at
8)  Find the drop-down menu under "Default Thread Subscription Mode" (in the section titled "Messaging and Notification")
9)  Set drop-down menu to "Do not subscribe"
10) To remove email notifications of PMs (private messages), uncheck the box to the left of "Notify me by email when I receive a new Private Message."
11) Click on the "Update Options" button at the bottom.
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Lately, I've seen several members post questions about how to stop notification emails. So, I thought I'd "bump" these instructions to the top in case you are also wondering how to turn your automatic subscriptions off (or on).
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