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proximity alarm
Imagine you go to sleep and someone sneaks into your camp in the wee hours to grab your solar panel, your grill or maybe your pull vehicle if you in a trailer. But as soon as they start to walk away an alarm sounds. Or you can use this on your bag at the airport when you travel. This what I imagined when I saw this at Walmart.

Tag It by the company Tzumi is a small dongle, smaller then a car remote that's makes a blue tooth connection to your smart phone or tablet, Apple or Android. You can set different distances for when an alarm would sound on both your phone and the “tag it” dongle.

Maybe this product is so new it's not on the company website, it's not on Amazon or, I can't find it on any of the websites. But I purchased it today for $9.88 in the electronics department of Walmart.

The app runs on my iPhone 5s, but could not connect to my old, old iPad II. It's gives you battery status on the single CR2032 battery, which claims to last 6 months. You can set alarm distance such as 20, 40 or 60 feet, along with different alarms for you device.

This uses blue tooth. The package says GPS, but I don't believe it uses GPS to spite the fact it gives you a map for location on your device. Instead I think it is a simple proximity alarm using blue tooth. Which by itself is cool for under $10. Which means it may also work even without cell service. You can have mutable “tag it” devices connected to the same phone via blue tooth.
Apps are below:


If you find it on Amazon, please remember to use Bob's website to buy.
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I too, saw this at walmart last night. I was going to buy it but it seemed kinda skeptical. I searched today, and couldn't' find anything on internet for it, so searched again, and your post showed up under google.  Smile

If I attach it to my  keys, Does it have a speaker/beeper built into it, to find using iphone?

So does/did it work reliably?

Thanks for your post,

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I'm still learning this little toy. First - yes it's reliable, I've tested in my home more then a few times and it works every time. Even though I say phone below, I've tested on my iPhone 5s and Galaxy Tab 4 tablet, 7 inch.

If, for example, attached to your keys, you can set the distance for the alarm, 20, 40 or 60 feet. The dongle itself “beeps” and,,, on your phone use choose different sounds (alarms) included in the app. They both will sound. You can also trigger your phone with the dongle if you've misplace your phone by giving the dongle button a “double press,” your phone will sound off an alarm. Likewise you can trigger the dongle from your phone to find your keys.

There are more functions, some I tested. One is a remote camera trigger. You can use the dongle to trigger the camera in your phone. The photo is taken within the app, so no controls are available in the phone's camera or other camera apps.

There's also a voice recording, which I also have tested. You can change the “double press” of the dongle button to start recording audio from your phone remotely. This would be in place of a double click to sound an alarm on you phone if you've misplaced it.

Another function is to mark the location of your car, which I have not tested. Again if the dongle is on you keyring, has you leave your car, press the button on the dongle once and it marks the location in the app's map on your phone. They claim this will work even in an underground parking garage. Humm – must be using cell towers, don't think this would work with my Tab 4 tablet.

This, again, all works on a blue tooth link. You can link or connect multiple tag-it dongles at the same time. And you can take a photo of the item and assign names, such as car keys, bag and so on,,, so if one of them is triggered you won't be confused on which dongle is reaching out to you. The app also gives you a read out on the status of the dongle battery in percentage, nice. The whole time I've been playing with it, it has stayed at 100%. Finally there is a "do not disturb" on the app to suspend all dongles linked to your phone.

This was $9.88, not a huge investment. But if your thinking of buying one, you can down load and install the free app first before you buy. The app has a easy to read and brief user manual with it.
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Was thinking why not run a fishing trip line around your perimeter. With an alarm connected. Pull the line and it goes off. Would rather scare someone away than to try and chase them down.
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(07-01-2015, 11:10 AM)light trip Wrote: Imagine you go to sleep and someone sneaks into your camp in the wee hours to grab your solar panel, your grill or maybe your pull vehicle if you in a trailer. But as soon as they start to walk away an alarm sounds.

So you're saying it doesn't "sound" until the dongle is a certain distance from you??  No thanks.  That would mean the person would have already removed your property and be walking away with it before the alarm went off.  Confused

I'd much rather have the traditional form of proximity alarm that makes a brief, audible "chirp" (before sounding fully) when someone gets too close to your car/van and warns them away before they attempt something stupid.  

I'd steer clear of anything that might snare someone or cause them to trip/fall.  That's a lawsuit waiting to happen.
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Free Range Chicken (08-26-2015)
A set of these and some lights could be effective.

By posting a link to a web site, I do not endorse that site nor guaranty the accuracy of the  information contained.  It is just a site that I found informative. 
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I have a proximity alarm.  his name is scout,  he lets me know if any animal is in camp 4 legged or 2 legged.  here's a pic.
best damn proximity alarm in the world.  he also does prewash on dishes, garbage disposal, listens to my every word, doesn't argue with me, loves me no matter how stupid I am, and requires no batteries. highdesertranger
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HDR, you are very lucky to have found such a valuable alarm!! Of course he is also very lucky to have found you too!
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highdesertranger (07-12-2015)
thanks Bob. highdesertranger
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electronic it uses cell system to track where the "item" is at called "the trackR" between the size of a quarter and half dollar coin.
as for camp i kinda like having to 100+ pound rotts that love there stuff. everything is there stuff.
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