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Year round camping/living - $32000
For those who may want a break or be part-timers & centrally located. Here's  the add...

Tired of trying to get into a campground or paying a high lease for 5 or 6 months. Now you can own your year-round camping/living lot. Pay taxes in Fremont County, IA. Yearly lot owner association dues: $500.00 - covers water, sewer, road maintenance, etc. The lot is set up with electric (through MidAmerica Energy), water, 2 sewer dumps and an underground sprinkler system. Price negotiable. Close to the Missouri River with boat ramp access. Interstate pond for fishing. 9-hole golf course.
Close to the metro area. For more information contact this ad.
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$32000 for a lot?$500 per yr maintenance?In Iowa?Think I'll pass.
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Owner Association? They will dictate your every move. Dealing with property associations would be liked living at home again Ur better off owning land in the Ozarks if u want to have river access.
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The Ozarks has it's own brand of   >>>  "humidity"...   Tongue

Ticks and chiggers and critters OH MY!
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The place isn't for me either. If it had been I wouldn't have shared it. But I didn't see any reason why not to share it because it may be "one man's trash is another man's treasure". There are many different budgets, needs and desires of people who use this site. I think the spirit of this site is to help people make their dreams come true.
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(07-04-2015, 11:07 AM)GotSmart Wrote: The Ozarks has it's own brand of   >>>  "humidity"...   Tongue

Ticks and chiggers and critters OH MY!

x2 (you left out mosquito swarms) I was born and raised in the mid-South and to me it is not a fit place to camp except in the 2 or 3 weeks of dry, crisp fall weather. Then it is great. In my humble opinion, one is not supposed to "see" the air like you can most days here from humidity.
6 months boondocking in 2014; now in s&b but will be full-time again in Sept 2017.
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This is not a thread about the Ozarks. If you want one, start one.
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And as soon as the homeowner association decides your vehicle shouldn't be there...
"It's always darkest just before lightning scares the crap out of you."
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Hey, you have a weed! please pull it. I can see multiple problems with such a setup. When you are gone, weeds grow. HoA sends letter to pull them. you are 1,500 miles away. Who's gonna do it?

Still Workin...
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In parts of Iowa, you can buy a whole house for $32,000.

I don't know how big that "lot" is or exactly where it is, but at first glance that price sounds insane. If you just needed a gaurubteed spot to park, you could buy an acre for 1,000 in a many areas. And then there's no maintenance fee
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