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Posts with only Video Links not allowed
The moderators have been giving thought to the people who are just posting video links. Of course there is nothing wrong with videos, they can be remarkably helpful and are very welcome here. So you are welcome to post links, but not when there is nothing else, just a video link. 

The problem  is that this website is aimed specifically at people with low budgets--that's why the word cheap is in the title! Of course people with a larger budget are totally welcome, but the primary aim is still toward those with small or tiny budgets. For the most part, the two groups get along remarkably well here! If only the rest of the country could blend as well as we do! Whether you want to know how to poop in a $5 bucket or in a $1000 composting toilet, we can and want to help you. That's something we all have in common, rich or poor, we all poop, right! Smile

A part of being on a very tight budget is limiting your internet access which means many of our members simply can not go and look at video links no matter how much they want to. 

By posting only video links, you are excluding them from the group and the conversation, even though they are the primary target of this website. That's not acceptable to the moderators.

If you have the budget and talent to post a video, it will be easy for you to post a picture. If you come here to get help and ask a question and hope to get many long detailed answers to your questions, then it seems only reasonable to ask you to write out helpful information for others in return. If you want to get, we hope you will also be willing to give. 

So when you post helpful information to the group all we are asking is that you include every member by posting some pictures and text to go along with the video link. We think that's reasonable and hope you think so too. Either way, it's the rule.

Like all new rules it will take some time to get all the kinks worked out and we'll work on them together.

Finally, I want to give a big thanks to each and every one of you!! Whether you are just a lurker and have never published a post or have posted thousands of times, you are all essential to the forum. It wouldn't work without you!!

This may sound like hyperbole or a cliche, but together we have changed hundreds or even thousands of lives. As the visual face of the website, many people have written or visited me and said how grateful they were for the work that WE do. Each of you gets a big part of the credit, so I want to say THANK YOU ALL!
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I'd like to add that an explanation, more than, "Amazing!" would be nice when you post a link.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

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It would also be cool if the link was to a 480P version of the video (lowest functional bandwidth). Know I do not make sure of that myself, but sure would help others. At least video watchers can grab a bookmark of the link, for when they can watch it later; while on library or free starbucks wifi.
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How do you link a certain version of a video, cause the 144p i watch on my mobile and uses incredibly less bandwidth, most of the time thats good enough to get the gist of the video. Don't always need to see talking heads skin cells in stunning 1080p HD quality. Big Grin I googled it but the methods i found must be outdated.
There's another reason for putting pictures and notes up as well as a link to video!

I'm sure I'm not the only one who dislikes spending 5 to 10 minutes watching a video when 2 minutes of reading will get the same information. My patience with 'How I did it' videos gets to about the 1:30 minute mark, maybe 2 minutes if the speaker has good speed and rhythm to their speech and then I hit the back button.
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wayne49 (08-14-2015)
For those wanting to produce Videos as tutorials etc it can be easy to get lost in the presentation.  With just a
couple of items and some software app's one can overcome this and look & sound "better organized" in the

I would suggest having an inexpensive battery powered clock with second hand,  their Laptop with web cam,
and some software installed.  Lighting and acoustic accessories will depend on your environment.

A free software is available to use your "Laptop screen" a "teleprompter" and there are many recording software's  you can choose from to record your  AV project with.  Your teleprompter need only be an outline
of the progression you follow to complete your video. 

"Prompt" is a free software app and described in this link below.  There is also a bibliography of links at the bottom of this article that may also be helpful.  There are several ways of using small Camcorders and Laptops
together in concert to produce a video for those who haven't tried it yet.  Perhaps you would want to use
Prompt and Windows Movie Maker.

The outline of the teleprompter could also be copy & pasted below the link to the video for others to read
as an abstract of the video. If they don't have the means with them to see it, they could visit a Public Library
and use a computer and head set there.

Just a thought.

Free Teleprompter software - use in your video studio

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