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Marijuana and Guns
in ca now that one can admit to doing a illegal drug.
is you are forbidden to even touch a gun. forget about owning one. or having one in your house, even if the owner of the gun is a leo. (you might touch it).

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^ the above link talks about the Border Patrol check points and how they will still bust you for pot.

PLEASE INCLUDE A DISCRIPTION WITH YOUR LINKS. I am getting tired of doing it for you guys and gals. at some point I will just delete them. highdesertranger
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Don't get me started on this "topic"
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sure state laws say you get a pass. but then the feds come in with there laws you broke.
 (state) ok to step off the curb starting with the left foot.
 ( fed) not ok to step off the curb starting with the right foot.

do drugs. loose your rights.
that fed form you sign to buy a gun is a federal form not a state form.
check yes i abuse drugs. it is a no sale. 
check no i do not abuse drugs is a feloney called fraud, pugury
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