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Route 66 Road Trip
One way to get to Quartzite :-)

 Tony and I have always been a bit restless so this life of one long, long road trip fits us well. We don't go fast but we do go far. We usually don't plan much more than a day ahead but a lot of the time even that doesn't work because we get distracted by something along the way.  We stop for everything!  We've driven along many of the well known historic and scenic roads - the Natchez Trace, Skyline Drive, Route 1 on the west coast, the roads that follow the paths of Oregon Trail and Lewis and Clark - but we haven't driven any of them from start to finish. So I thought it would be fun to drive along old Route 66 from Chicago to Santa Monica and keep a running account of the trip. This is one road that we actually have driven from start to finish but it was long ago and we didn't have a very good guide book so we weren't on the old road most of the time. Supposedly it's possible to still drive on 85 % of the road. I can see us getting lost a lot!
  I've made a map marked with all of the places that looked interesting. I think a lot will just be snap-a-picture stops. We're interested in the old neon, art deco architecture, decaying signs and quirky roadside attractions.  Most of the restaurants have been in business for decades, some run by the same families. The motels are still in business, either unchanged over the years or restored to their former glory. The old gas stations have been restored but are no longer in business. Many of the town museums and newer Route 66 museums are free. I used a variety of sources to pick and chose sites but I'm sure that I missed some good ones. If you know of any please let me know.

  If any forum members live along the route and would like to get together please contact us. I'm going to try to keep the posting on this thread up to date. We usually drive 50 - 100 miles a day, sometimes less. Two other forum members are going to be driving along part of the route and we're hoping to get together with them too.

 We wanted to spend a few days in Chicago. This is one of those times that a stealthy van would have been so nice. Instead we dry camped in the McCormick Place Truck Marshalling Yard. Almost everything in the city is within walking or biking distance but it comes at the steep price of $35.00 a night.

 A few scenes from the city:

Marshalling Yard

Biking/walking Trail

Vegetable Garden in Park

Lighthouse at Navy Pier
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Ohhhh - That's wonderful!

I want to do as much of the whole Route 66 as well but I put it on the jello schedule for next fall. This fall I'm starting with the Natchez Trace Parkway.

I'll be following this thread carefully and making notes!

Couldn't see the map though - I got a denied access page...sigh!
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Sorry about that Almost There. I forgot to make it public. It should work now. Map
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We're near Flagstaff and drive on 66 at least once a week. Let us know if you get here before it turns cold. Once it gets cold we move south.
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We're so slow that you'll probably be long gone by the time we get there. I'm a little concerned about taking so long that we'll hit snow in the mountains. When does that usually happen?
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Oh! You just made it so much easier to stalk you!

21 days and counting!

See you out there! (I can't wait!)
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
this should be fun to watch and follow along with!

Have a fun trip kids...and don't forget our pictures!! Big Grin
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
Yes , pictures for all of us that haven't been there so we can all follow along.........well sorta !

Most of my trips across country were in winter so I have always done the run south till it warms up somewhere , maybe to I-20 or I-10 and THEN slow down and head west.
Spring trip back is usually scheduled around tornado warnings !!

Someday , I want to be able to stay in the west and just follow the temps with altitude changes like Bob.

Hope you miss the snow and cold , you're leaving kind of late.
Not impossible though.

If don't beat the cold stuff , just hang a left and high tail it to the sunbelt.
You can go back and finish next spring. No one will think less of you .
Drive smart. Stay alive.
Stay Tuned

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Very cool. Have a blast Smile
See y'all down south.
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
I strongly suggest that you do not take anything large down "Route 66" (Central Avenue) in downtown ABQ. the traffic is bad. The drivers are terrible.

I would suggest that you get off the interstate (I-40/Rt 66) at Santa Rosa (Vaughn exit) and run US60 thru Mountainair (see the sights and the protected historical sites) there is an RV park at the intersection of 60 & I-25. Run I-25 N to Los Lunas (you can park overnight at the Wal-Mart there). The rt 66 from Los Lunas to the west side of ABQ/I-40 dumps you out near a couple of campgrounds. Stay in a campground in ABQ to sight see. The traffic is terrible. The Rail Runner (commuter train) runs from Belen to SantaFe with stops in Los Lunas and many in ABQ, particularly downtown and Old Town. Santa Fe has the art museums that you will miss if you only stay on Rt 66.

Bandolier Nat. Monument is north of ABQ. Nice, cool, cliff dwellings. Has a campground or two.
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