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Route 66 Road Trip
When we asked for pics , you posted 'em big time !
Enjoyed the tour and comments , I'll NEVER get to see those parts as I get traffic anxiety and avoid all cities like the plague.

And don't forget to watch out for idiots on the road!

Wishing you a safe passage through the high country.
Up here in Maine the natives just get off the road and wait it out when it snows and let the flatlanders do all the sliding.
Stay Tuned

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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
We hung around Joliet for a few days waiting to meet up with friends who were crossing our path. After a nice visit we saw them off on their way east and we're back on our trip along Route 66. We traveled from Joliet to Pontiac today. 

Old Joliet Prison  was built in 1858. They made the inmates build their own prison. It's been closed since 2002. It's  a cool looking building but there's no access to the interior and no plans to open it to the public. There are some signs with information along the edge of the big parking lot.

Bluesmobile on a Pole - this replica of the car from
The Blues Brothers movie is located at the Food N
Fuel along 66.


Most of these large fiberglass men held mufflers but the
Gemini Giant was bought new for The Launching Pad
Restaurant and has always held a rocket. The restaurant
is closed but you can still pull into the lot and get a


We aren't sure what this is all about. A group of animals made of various scrap materials are surrounded by a fence
in a little park in Braidwood. The entrance to the parking lot is narrow so RVs should park on the street.


The Polk-A-Dot Drive-In has been in business since
1956. The parking lot has room for RVs.


Two cell jail -  The jail was mainly used to house hobos who were welcome to find work during the day but
spent the night in jail.


At the same location as the jail - this diner was original a horse drawn trolley.  Room for RVs in the lot on along the street.


Ambler's Texaco was a gas station from 1933 until 1999 then an auto repair shop until 2002. It's now a visitor center.  Room for RVs in the lot.


I have no information on this place. It's just down the road from Amblers.

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Very cool. Thanks for the ride along Smile
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
very cool. for some unknown reason I love old gas stations. highdesertranger
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The following 1 user says Thank You to highdesertranger for this post:
tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
Great story and pic's. Thx for sharing.
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
I used to do prisoner transfers to that prison back in the early 80's, what a horrific place, so glad they shut it down. Maybe someday, if the state is ever not bankrupt they can open parts of it to the public... it has a similar rep to Alcatraz so I think there would be interest.
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
Pontiac, Illinois is a mandatory stop for all road trippers and van dwellers! :-)  Not only are there three free museums and a walking tour featuring 23 very cool murals,  one of the museums has the van and bus of the most famous vandweller of Route 66, Bob Waldmire.


Bob's VW van with all of his stuff still inside and  untouched is lovingly preserved in the Illinois Route 66 Hall of Fame & Museum  (this is not the official website. I keep getting a virus warning on that one so be cautious) 


The glare on the plexiglass made it hard to get a picture of the inside but look for the sleeping bag on the bed in the
center of the picture.


His bus is located behind the museum and is sometimes opened for tours.

 Pontiac - Oakland Auto Museum iis fairly small but the cars are meticulously restored.



The third museum is unusual and surprisingly interesting - Museum of the Gilding Arts It covers the process of making sheets of gold and how and where gilding is used. There's even eatable gold.



 The murals are excellent.  I'd post more but only ten pictures are allowed per post so you'll have to go see them
yourself  :-) or click on the link.


 Don't try this photo op with a big RV. We almost got stuck. :-D


  A free city parking lot is located across from the Route 66 Museum. Most RVs will fit. Pontiac is fairy compact so it's possible to walk from that lot to all of the museums.

 The Walmart in Pontiac is a good overnight stop.
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Oberneldon (10-16-2015)
Spent the better part of a day in Pontiac a couple of years ago.  T&K are right it is well worth stopping to see the museums and things.
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
Well now, that bus is some new inspiration for those who want a wooden roof on their rig! Of course, the speed limit would have been much less back then I'm sure, but in my mind I see random boards flying off as the bus heads out on the highway. LOL
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)
That bus is awesome. What do you guys figure it gets - 'bout 3 MPG?
[Image: W2lacLw.jpg]
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tonyandkaren (10-06-2015)

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