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With the Coming of the Holidays
We have never been big holiday people. David liked the cheap Turkey so we often did that. Last year was a bad year for the holidays. The girls & I were pretty much depressed and in mourning the whole time. One of my daughters (and her hubby) are heading east to spend Christmas with my mom. My other daughter & I will stay here. We have already agreed that we will not be "doing" Christmas this year. No tree. No decorations. Minimal gifting like normal. I have asked for that winning lottery ticket for Christmas. Not any of the losing ones, just the winning one. I think we will do shrimp for Turkey Day since neither one of us are huge turkey fans. Maybe make an egg custard pie for desert. We will probably just rent movies from Redbox or dig thru my collection for movies to watch. For Christmas, we will probably splurge and buy crablegs and shrimp and do a Boil. I will probably make my tradional stollen for Christmas. Try to stay warm otherwise. I think the holidays will be about as sad as they were last year.
This is merely what I did. I am not telling you to do this. I am just saying what I did. This may or may not work for Vandwellers. I am not a Vandweller. I live in a skoolie. I do not boondock so this may or may not be suitable for those who do boondock. Fulltime since 2006.
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Had the 2nd best christmas ever a couple years ago- spent it all by myself at Tumbling Creek campground in N. Ga.
The best was 30 years ago when we did NOT drive to the Cape to be with in/ were young and we cooked, played games, x-country skied together as a family. They remember that one fondly as well.

Christmas has always been difficult for me, early it was the family dysfunction, now it is mainly with the ridiculous retail expectations society has reduced an already corrupted by religion holy day to.

If I feel the need to celebrate, I choose to celebrate Solstice and thank Mother Earth for putting up with me..
"I like long walks, especially when they are taken by people who annoy me"
-Fred Allen-
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When I'm traveling, holidays are simply days when everything is closed. I don't celebrate them much.

I'll probably spend thanksgiving with my folks, who knows what I'll do for christmas.
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Mom has a small turkey in the freezer, and just got a smoked meat gift box via UPS.  That will do us for the holidays.   Smile
This forum is on probation again.  Bob, turn your PMs on!
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I had difficulty when the kids were first all grown and out on their own. 5 kids, 11 grandchildren and 6 great grandkids spread out all over the place...Alaska, Arkansas, Florida, Ohio and Arizona Smile. I've never liked the commercialization of the holidays. Seldom set up a tree anymore call and talk to all on the holiday. For the last several years I've sent each of the 5 kids a Hickory Farms sausage n cheese pack, sometimes accompanied with a movie dvd to be enjoyed on Christmas Eve..Kinda makes us all feel together. The grandkids, in particular enjoy it. thankful that all are healthy. My kids are my proudest accomplishment and the holidays bring back many great memories of when they were home.....I smile for having those memories.
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“crablegs and shrimp and do a Boil”
I love SeaFood !

“spent it all by myself at Tumbling Creek campground”
sounds kind of sad .

Parents go to Vegas durin the Holidays.
I eat turkey with trimmings in our house trying to avoid my bro.

“sausage n cheese pack” with garlic bread & salad
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(11-11-2015, 04:56 PM)Silver Wrote: “sausage n cheese pack” with garlic bread & salad

Might just try the garlic bread this year...usually just Triscuits and Dijon Smile
2016 Ford Transit 2500, 130" WB, Mid roof
Full time since Aug 2016
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I didn't bother with the all saint's day candy sales this year, and ignored the boxing day sales last year. I did get myself something on black friday, but it was online deliver to store. Sometimes you can find bargains on some foodstuff after boxing day.
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Last year I was house and dog sitting for my ex in laws.  This year I will be doing the turkey for my kids, as I start packing for RTR.   They had better watch and learn how to cook as this is their last chance! Wink
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I have spent a couple of Thanksgiving days and a couple of Christmas Days with Bob and Steve and many others in the past. Steve cooks a mean turkey out in the desert. The holidays have never bothered me the way they do some. I like telling people MERRY CHRISTMAS ! I will go to a restaurant and buy someones meal for them and their family without telling them. When the waitress presents the "check" and says it's been paid the look on their faces makes my day. Try something like that this season, you'll be the winner. This year I've got some little things I picked up and wrapped that I'm going to give to some of the homeless in the area. They can't believe someone thought of them. I've done that the past two years and hope to do it for many more.
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