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With the Coming of the Holidays
Any excuse to be happy, be with friends or loved ones, and bring a little cheer to others brings joy to my heart as well.
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buckwilk (11-12-2015)
I guess I'm an old Humbug but I try as much as possible to treat Christmas as any other day. I'm not religious or into shopping by the calendar. The compromise that I do manage is for my mother's benefit only. As it also happens to be my birthday I am 'blessed' with attention over that as well.

Two years ago I finally told the few gift givers in my life that I wouldn't be giving or receiving in the future. It felt like a weight was lifted from me. However, it turns out that there are people that just can't give it up and insist on giving me something against my wishes. Maybe after two years of a "NO" answer to their "Did you open it yet?" they will see the light.

I overheard a conversation between two women the other day as they were comparing the upcoming season and one of them proceeded to list all her favorite holidays in order. I was amazed that someone could have a fifth favorite holiday. HA! I'm sure that she would be similarly mystified with my attitude.

Every year 'someone' comes up with the amount of money that the 'average American' will spend on gifts. This year, according to Gallup, it is $812.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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Roadtramp (11-27-2015)
(11-11-2015, 07:22 PM)GotSmart Wrote: ... This year I will be doing the turkey for my kids...  They had better watch and learn how to cook as this is their last chance! Wink

If they can't or don't want to learn to cook, then they can either buy a complete meal already cooked (requires a little planning to get it pre-ordered by a certain date) or they can make reservations at a restaurant. Either way, I'm sure they will survive.
This is merely what I did. I am not telling you to do this. I am just saying what I did. This may or may not work for Vandwellers. I am not a Vandweller. I live in a skoolie. I do not boondock so this may or may not be suitable for those who do boondock. Fulltime since 2006.
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I like the holidays because they give me another reason to do things for others. I have had times when me got in the way of my enjoyment of life. When I realized that I was the captain of this ship I made an effort to start thinking of others and doing for others. This has improved my life in ways I never would have imagined. There is truly nothing better than seeing the look of joy, happiness and surprise on peoples faces when you do something unexpected for them. That makes me rich beyond belief.
                                                     East of the Sun   West of the Moon
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Off Grid 24/7 (11-14-2015)
Every now and then, we enjoy picking up the tab of some young family at a restaurant (we don't eat out THAT often).  You can tell they are strapped and this is a special outing.  We will pickup their tab/tip and ask the waiter to not identify us.  This can occur at any time of the year.

Hmmm, the holiday's.....

I have two brothers and a sister.  We are now spread out and our mother is still with us.  She is 93 and living in a Georgia rest home where she went after my sister and BIL could no longer care for her.  My oldest brother is in the Orlando area and my other brother is in North Texas.  I normally only talk to my brother in Texas and my sister.  I have not been able to carry on a conversation with my brother in Florida in decades.  I try to go see my mother twice a year.  I don't know how that is going to work now that my heart is in the Rockies.

We will come back to Texas for Thanksgiving and Christmas to spend time with our son and his family.  May have to work a trip to Georgia between those two holidays.

Plans in jello..............

2000 Roadtrek 200 Versatile "The Beast" (it has been tamed hopefully)  I feed it and it doesn't bite me.
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buckwilk (11-12-2015)
There are precooked smoked turkeys that simply need warmed, to make your holiday meal.  Add some easy stuffing and sides and you got a good holiday dinner!  One year Dad did a precooked "Cajun" turkey.  Man, was that a good bird!  
By myself I am satisfied with a couple smoked turkey wing butts - the "front drumsticks" as I call them.
This forum is on probation again.  Bob, turn your PMs on!
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You know just the other day I was looking at a 3 lb Boneless Turkey Breast for about $10 and thinking of
smoking it in my smoker.   Then I went over to another section of the refrigeration cases and saw sliced
smoke Turkey in the 1 Lb package ready to eat for $3 bucks. 

I couldn't smoke it that cheap and then I'd have more than I could store and eat.

It really is a challenge to cook for one without waste. 

I've found plastic multi fit plastic lids for Cat Food cans at the store to use here at home.  And any time
I can find plastic can lids I'll pickup some in the store and see just what sizes of cans they will fit.   Otherwise
I'm using plastic wrap and rubber bands to reseal half empty cans of food. 

I often prepare the whole can of say,  green peas, green beans, yellow hominy, mixed veggies, etc
and return to the can what I don't eat at that meal.  Then I can reheat them for the next meal without
really having to do any cooking.  Cook once eat twice. 

So a pack of smoked Turkey,  an envelope of instant mashed potatoes, resealable jar of Heinz gravy,
can of jelled cranberry sauce, and can of Green Beans, can of Yams, some brown and serves from the store, and  a box of Stove Top Turkey stuffing could make for a Thanks Giving banquet for one and leftovers for another meal and some Turkey Sandwiches to boot.  All for less than $10 dollars with no waste.

And you could do it again at Christmas and use a package of sliced Ham for something different.   Perhaps a can of Spam cooked up in a glaze made from Pineapple sundae topping mixed with some Orange marmalade.
Big Grin
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eDJ, what time is dinner and what kind of wine are you serving, I'm partial to Chardonnay.
                                                     East of the Sun   West of the Moon
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PatsyG (11-22-2015)
LOL,  On that Chardonnay,  I'm still experimenting with mixing a bit of Grenadine syrup into some lemon lime &
ginger ale to get the right balance. I'm continuing to work with the apple juice and vanilla extract ratios at this time.  But I may have to make the final cut with some soda water if it's still too sweet.

eDJ's mock Chardonnay for the campgrounds what don't allow no alcohol.

When I geter right,  dinner will be served.  Big Grin
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buckwilk (11-13-2015)
Now you have imagination !
                                                     East of the Sun   West of the Moon
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