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Anybody solo with Fibromyalgia?
It's been quite some time since this thread was posted/visited, I'm curious how you all are doing?
I too have CFS/FM auto immune stuff that I just don't get relief from.
I'm Certain a nomad life will help me too!

So... how's it going? ..anyone..

(WAIT! this is the 'romance section??!! ...nevermind LOL...)
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I, too, have fibro (with a couple other problems). I've been trying to get to Arizona for years and only recently figured the only way to do it was to live out of a vehicle. I just bought mine a few days ago and can't wait to get on the road. I'm still getting supplies together and pray that my cat will somehow enjoy the journey with me. He truly is a "therapy cat" to me.

If we're all in the same place at some point, I hope we have the wherewithal to know it. lol (fibro humor)

Mind your spoons!

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GypsySpirit (11-05-2017), Blanch (10-23-2017)
(06-03-2016, 12:37 PM)ArtW Wrote: I don't have it but my ex did
One thing I do know is that in her case, exercise always seemed to help, at least for a while. She always said if she has=d the energy to stay active 24/7 her life would be much better

That is the truth! When I am not deep in the pain/fatigue cycle and energize enough to hike out in vast wilderness I get the greatest lift. Feel so much better out there. Movement helps.
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FibroWarrior (11-21-2017)
Just finding this thread, what a great one! I deal with Sciatica so not a stranger to nerve pain and times when I can't move. Diet helps so I'm working on that. Got a Class B and there is not much room to cook but will try to make that work, and can cook outside too, bringing a one burner camp stove. The doctor discussed surgery with me and I am not doing that; in my case, the surgery can make it worse. The thing that has helped me the most is physical therapy, which I now do on my own. It helps 98 percent of the time, that other 2 percent means a hospital visit and starting over from the beginning, so I'm pretty careful. Lifting, bending, and twisting are not my friends, but I can do them all if I am consciously aware and cautious. I just don't lift anything over 25 pounds, period. No matter what. And being solo, that's a challenge. So, I'm to be very careful lifting my 3 pound water jugs when full (I need a Lot of water for the way I want to travel) and transport them with a portable dolly/laundry basket/bungee cord set-up, same with firewood (less heavy but bulky), laundry, supplies. I'm getting an 11.5 pound propane tank which is my absolute max, to run the Buddy heater and camp stove. I've only done the maiden voyage in the van so far, but it was a 5000 mile test, did my exercises sometimes several times a day and had help for that trip, but! my back Strengthened, so very little nerve pain! Happiness makes all the difference in the world to me. I was happier on that trip than I have ever been. I think this lifestyle is more difficult in ways, but do-able, and believe it will be well worth it. Good to know I'm not the only one. Peace y'all.
“The use of traveling is to regulate imagination by reality, and instead of thinking how things may be, to see them as they are.” – Samuel Johnson   
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Cammalu (11-21-2017), FibroWarrior (11-21-2017)
It's a literal pain in the arse to have to consider every move you make, day in and day out. You've found people that definitely understand your struggle and how important your happiness is. I hope to see you on the road!

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GypsySpirit (12-20-2017)
I do what I can on the days I am functional. I'm hoping once I'm full time, the good days and bad days will balance out a little more. I get it, though, the stress of the yard work undone, etc, just adds to the depression and guilt. I used to be able to do it all, I just can't anymore.
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bethiebugs (01-12-2018)

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