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Info On Common Vans
Glad to see someone who knows and is taking the proper precautions! The early overdrive on the Dodges was always odd but they went to locking/unlocking setups early so load is low even on older models. That said, I prefer to keep the rpms up a bit on those motors and therefore disable OD when not needed.
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Baloo (12-23-2016), Gideon33w (01-25-2016)
I just noticed an ad for an old Chevy Express in really good condition EXCEPT they had knocked a lot off the purchase price because they can't get it to shift out of 2nd gear. Your Q-tip suggestion might make a really easy fix for that! (Hee, hee!) ...or maybe it really needs a full transmission. Nice tip, though!
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Excellent information.

Given the rarity of one-owner full-records vans for sale and the importance of scheduled maintenance, does that make GMs somewhat impractical on the used market?
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Also, what is the history of traction control on the various models?
Stability Control is another feature, but Traction Control was offered on Ford Windstars in the 1990's, but I don't know how common it is on vans. Especially conversion vans, which are typically based on a cargo van.
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Hmmm. I thought my 1990 E350 460 was a 7.2. Was I wrong? I got rid of it around 10 years ago, so I don't think I have anything left that I can check.
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(01-28-2016, 02:08 AM)BC Guy Wrote: Hmmm.  I thought my 1990 E350 460 was a 7.2.  Was I wrong?  I got rid of it around 10 years ago, so I don't think I have anything left that I can check.

460 cubic inches is ~7.5 liters.
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This is really good info. Thank you so very much!!
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Thanks for this amazing info Gideon! I actually think I'm leaning toward Ford, I'm wondering if there is a year I should be looking at where they got the spark plug issue figured out. 2006-2010 models seem to be around my price range.
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AbuelaLoca (01-13-2017)
It is a very good thread.
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