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Wood Gasification
I remember Bill Lear of private jet fame experimenting with steam cars in the 60's. They were said to develop a head of steam in a fairly short time.

I would like to have a modern version of "The African Queen" to cruise on. Something with a condenser and the ability to fire with wood or oil.

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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Anybody remember the 1960's made-for-tv movie " the Longest Hundred Miles" with Doug McClure hauling Philipine orphans during WWII in an old bus fueled by burning coconuts ?
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What an old thread. Not even worth reading through. There are hippies burning wood gas to power old pick-up trucks. There are old steam engines around. At least here in my boondocks. There are reasons trains trucks and automobiles don't run on wood or even coal anymore. Wood chips are sometimes expensive. The local saw mills sell dust and shavings, and the trimmers sell chips. The amount of particulate air pollution does not match the "renewable" argument for burning wood. All that, I do have a wood gas camp stove I built from a quart paint can and a Progresso soup can. A few holes and good to go. It does real good with busted up pine cones.
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what's wrong with hippies? just kidding you. highdesertranger
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Hey Weight , how about a picture or two of that?
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I've known some hippies that were OK.

What Popeye said about the stove... (on new thread)

"We're all bozos on the bus, so might as well sit back and enjoy the ride."

Wavy Gravy

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I have a Bush Buddy wood stove.  It's pretty efficient at running on small twigs, pinecones, shavings, etc.  It's handmade in Alaska.  Amazon also sells a knock off called the Solo Stove, they look almost identical.  Sounds like Weight's homemade version is working on the exact same principle of a can inside a can as that's basically what these stoves are.  They have an interesting history if anyone wants to read about it, here's a link.  Fritz is no longer making them in Canada as he's retired, but he's sold the business to his apprentice who is now hand making them in his off grid work shop in Alaska, that's where I bought mine from.

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rvpopeye (03-03-2017)
(03-01-2017, 08:20 PM)steamjam1 Wrote: I played around with wood and coal gassification years ago, and the amount of wood coal you need would be just insane. Its not efficient at all. Youre better off going steam, like a stanley or doble flash boiler with dual compound pistons and condenser using bio diesel as a fuel made out of say used french fry oil.

I believe steam cars should make a come back.

I do not believe this is a practical alternative to using gasoline or diesel - at least not at current prices. However, it can be surprisingly efficient. Proper design is critical. Using charcoal is a not a good idea as so much energy is lost in processing the wood. However, wood can be used directly.

A controlled test of one of Wayne Keith's wood gas trucks was done at Auburn University to measure the efficiency as compared to gasoline. The result: while travelling at 55 mph on level ground, the truck requires 33% more fuel energy on gasoline as compared to wood gas. Note that the test considered only the energy in the wood gas and did not factor thermal losses from that gasifier. However, when these are considered, the overall efficiency on wood fuel is actually marginally higher than gasoline. MPG on gasoline was as expected on gasoline fuel (roughly 20 mpg).

Of course, the efficiency of a gasoline truck engine is low under these conditions (low part load). However, the conditions are favorable for wood gas largely because the throttle plate is mostly open when using wood gas (because the energy density of the fuel is lower and both the air and fuel gas is forced through the throttle plate), and this reduced throttling losses. Overall thermal efficiency on wood was on the order of 17% (better than the Doble steam car). I think it's impressive. Still, it's not practical at current prices.
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