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Unlimited Verizon 3G $5 a month
I told you I'd have one more internet report, here it is.

I was messing around on ebay drooling over the grandfathered Verizon unlimited plans when I came across unlimited 3G listings for $5 a month. Too good to be true I thought.

Now I'm not a speed junkie, the plan is just to be able to connect. Like all carriers the 3G for verizon is better spread out than the 4G, especially in the mountains.

(Edited by Mod at authors request)

After charging it fired right up and connected to 1X. That's dog slow but in a pinch usable. I switched it over to EvDO and it's faster but still slow compared to Sprint and TMO 3G.

Web pages take a bit longer to respond and load, you tube takes a bit and it's best to pause it and let it gain some ground before watching. Tunein connected slower than on 4G but played fine afterwards.

Where we camp Verizon has only 3G so this being the last feather in the multi carrier cap is just fine. Being unlimited means the computers can update and streaming isn't gonna kill one of the other plans. No overages and no throttling.

So it's cheap for unlimited but you pay in the annoyance of slower speeds. There are a few other sellers, most of the mobile-solutions hotspots are over $100 now unless you mail them a old hotspot.

Like the rest, I'll keep you updated.
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Did you by chance run a speed test? My 4G with Verizon gets about 4 meg down and 500 up.
Like you I am not impatient and unlimited sounds good at those prices if it is not too slow
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I haven't done a speed test yet. The speed is slow enough that it's not worth running. It's being affected by the same high traffic the Sprint and TMO hotspots deal with. Later it will be better. Still usable right now but I wouldn't try streaming anything.

When it's at this speed having more than one page loading or more than one device connected is a killer.
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I'd take unlimited slower internet for $5 any day over the extortionate rates we're being charged in Canada. ..Willy.
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really for being able to leave it on, slow is just fine. We are into the evening rush hour and pages are still loading. TMO pretty much shuts down for the next few hours.
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I used the hotspot all day. It slowed through rush hour like they all do but pages still loaded and tune in played. At 7 pm the rush was slowing and I was able to play Bob's 50 minute documentary with out buffering. It's now after midnight, the interstate is dead and the neighborhoods asleep for the better part. Things load pretty good when the tower isn't overloaded.

A late night speed test that would be better out of the neighborhood.
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Speed look about the same as a normal Verizon phone on 3G. is what my phone does at 3am. I can confirm it's fast enough for basic web browsing and would be a good backup option for when your main carrier has no coverage. I could get this, keep my $30 unlimited AT&T LTE hotspot which sometimes exceeds 60mbps, and use google project fi (sprint and tmobile) for a phone, and have access to all 4 carriers for around $60 depending on the data usage on the phone.
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AT&T unlimited hotspot for $30 a month WOW

I'd love to knock my Cricket down to the $35 level if they would let me keep the hotspot feature. The other three carriers are costing $25 a month.
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Ok, let's say I order one of these unlimited 3G phones, then what do I need to do when I get it?

I am unfamiliar with prepaid, and want to be able to use it as a hotspot for my laptop.
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Once you get it, you also get a few instruction sheets with the phone number, pin and passwords to the hotspots wireless and it's manager. Charge it, turn it on, connect, add password, done.

They give you 3 months with the hotspot. There are a few numbers that you call, tell them your number, your pin and that you are putting $5 on it. There is a option to pay the whole $30 for 6 months.

They did list more of the 4510 hotspot that I got for $84.99 shipped.
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wheels (08-10-2017)

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