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Unlimited Verizon 3G $5 a month
I was doing some research on the 4510 hotspot.  The link below is to a PCmag review that says the 4510 will not transmit wifi when it is plugged in to USB and charging?  Is this the case?,2817,2384450,00.asp
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It transmits wifi plugged in. You do have to turn it on while unplugged and then plug it back in if you want to leave it like that. Otherwise I have had it plugged in and running day and night so far.
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thank you for the heads up on this.. just got mine today, think it will serve all my needs perfectly Smile  Big Grin
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jimindenver (03-08-2016)
Can you explain how if the company providing service just decides to shut you off after one month what you would do? Your credit card can't be refunded. Your eBay claim can't be made. Anyone can set up a temporary account for a month in 3G.

Will need to read this again as I have no idea how to ensure you will not just be buying a box that will not work in 45 to 60 days.

The mobile solutions company does not exist on eBay any more. The link to that mifi devices shows nothing else to trial that is similar.

But please respond to this thread in 60 days and let us know if it's still working at 3G speed.
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I still see their auctions

And through that the store

I will say that getting some word of mouth has been beneficial for them. Their prices have doubled.

What would I do if it stops working with no recourse? Suck it up like a big boy and move on.
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let us know how it works out for you. Thanks
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(03-08-2016, 10:40 AM)jimindenver Wrote: nemo

let us know how it works out for you. Thanks

happy to do so :Smilef it doesnt work out, will still have had a better option than the phone for a bit of time, at a reasonable price.
2002 Ford E 450, 7.3L Diesel box van
2007 Kawasaki Vulcan 900cc Cruiser
Twitter Azexplorations
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I mentioned I ordered a Photon from Mobile-solutions for the MIL, that was a while ago. It came and was defective, it took a bit for the exchange but they sent me a nicer jetpack  4620 with 6 months service for the hassle. ($89 via ebay or store)

The Photon had a swelled battery that wouldn't even fit in the hotspot and when turned on it just kept searching. They offered a refund, I asked for a exchange.

Like with the 4510 the 4620 handles streaming hockey, you tube, crackle with a good signal. Much of the day it works better than the TMO LTE hotspot due to congestion. This morning at 7 am I did a speed test of 1.3 Mb which is pretty good considering my location tucked away in a neighborhood. Here TMO and Sprint suffer, out and about they kick the MIFI's butt.

So the 4510 has been in service for months with no issues. The 4620 seems just as good but it does have more buttons. They are left on constantly and the computers have all updated at will. Mom streams Tunein daily, it's all she does with it. I just can't complain for $5 a month.
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Cheaper than satellite radio. Plus you can do email as long as you have satellite signal.
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Question, I ordered on the 6th from vzwmifi.
How long did it take for y'alls devices to arrive?
Tried calling them and get 3 tones then disconnected.

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