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Off-Grid Home-Base for the RV Dweller
Nice setup.  Congratulations on a good plan going and coming back.
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Wow looks like an awesome setup! Been thinking about a home base myself, but probably just spend the rest of my life looking for the perfect one.
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Looks like a great place and a good plan!

We just unloaded our small farm and belongings. Working at hang onto it was just weighing us down too much and bringing far too much stress into our lives. After we live free for a few years, we plan to look at a tiny piece of land on the west coast, just to park the camper for the winter months and probably have a small garden and some free ranging chickens, maybe. We want it near the ocean with fresh water nearby for fishing. We will probably install a well and septic system too, but it won't be for years yet. We are enjoying the life that's free from all that stress too much to go back to it now and we have offers of campgrounds to park in the winter, in exchange for very little work. 

When and if we ever do own land again, we will pay cash outright for it and just have to come up with the tax money yearly to keep it. If it ever gets to be a weight around our necks, out it goes! Needless to say, it will be years before we save that kind of money, especially since we want to buy a bigger camper first. 

Not much of a plan yet... 
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That is a really nice set up you have there, I too would like to have a sort of home base at some stage, will need to save a few of them pesky $$$aus 1st though, definately want off grid, power too darned expensive in Aust.
The cowboy coffee invite very kind but I don't think we would float!

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Yeh, I like your setup too.
I like the idea of having several bases all self powered.

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Great set up.  
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Great little place you've set-up there!!

We're working on a similiar type plan...

buy a nice little piece of property somewhere in the South West, and have our own family co-op private campground thingy. It'll be a place that all members of our familys (my wife is the eldest in a family with 14 kids!), can bring their campers and do the 'Snow-Bird' thing together. (her sibilings are a ball!!)Everybody can have thier own spaces to do with as they please. They can leave their camper's on location if they want, or tow/drive them there is up to them. There will be a community 'house' that will have washer/dryers, and a dining room for everyone, and I'm sure some sort of huge TV/movie room too! Maybe even a few 'guest' bedrooms for if the folks or company came down.
Oh...and a garage with tools to work on our junk is a must too!!  

about 5 acres with an existing house would be ideal, and probably not terribly hard to find either.

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Patrick46, I'm glad you have a plan for a base-camp type set up, sounds like you have it well thought-out... I hope the plan comes together for you... all the best!
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yah very cool indeed I am looking at the Verde-Mogul Nv option perhaps a half acre with a 40ft.container.
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You have done an outstanding job. Looks great and looks like 'home'.

What sort of water collection are you using? I have some land in Mt. and that has been my biggest issue.

Enjoy... Safe travels... Bob J.
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