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Off-Grid Home-Base for the RV Dweller
This is just great!!!

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Would it be rain water collection off the roof ?  Big roof looks just right for that. Geoff
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@Rokguy: If your question is about the legality of collecting water on your roof, generally its legal.  The area where people get in legal trouble over rain water collection is when they try to damn up or store a creek crossing their property, and a creek and runoff are generally considered public property.  Hope that helped.
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In Colorado it my be illegal to collect rain water from your roof.

You may find that living in a house in the country to be more expensive and more work than living in a van. Check out all cost.

James AKA Lynx
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I wanted to add an updated picture of the "base-camp".... I finished the shade structure for the truck camper in April of this year.  It has worked well to keep the camper cooler this Summer!  

Some members of the forum have asked about water collection, I collect rainwater off the roofs of the two structures, works very well!  I then filter it and treat with a little bleach.  

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I don't know why everyone doesn't do rainwater collection!  I've lived with rainwater collection for most of the last 7 years and prefer it over the nasty chemical laden stuff that comes out of most faucets.

For every inch of rain you can collect .6 gallons per square foot of roof footprint.  So if the outside of your roof measures 30'x50' or 1,500 square feet, you will be collecting approximately 900 gallons per inch of rain.  So if you live in an area that receives 12 inches of rain a year that's 10,800 gallons.  If you live somewhere with average rainfall....lets say 40 inches, that's 36,000 gallons a year!  It is far cheaper to purchase storage tanks than it is to drill a well.  Also, your water is above the ground and doesn't require large amounts of power to pull it's always accessible.  The tanks are moveable and case you get wandering feet and move
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Akblack10...your truck shelter turned out awesome...great job!!

my question is do you still live in your truck/camper full-time, even when parked on your land, or do you have an alternative place to dwell?? (jus curious)
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Patrick46,  I am currently living in "Bertha" the Bigfoot Truck Camper in the exact spot as you see her in the above picture.  I have been living in her for the last 3 years, since I sold my home in the Summer of 2010.  I have been working in Africa for 18 months during those 3 years, about 1/2 of the 3 years more or less.  My personal belongings are in storage and will stay there until I decide if and when I want to get into a home or apartment?  Thanks for the question! 
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No. I was just answering rw question how you catch rainwater. I do the same thing.

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