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Personal experiences in Eugene, Oregon
Hi, everyone

I will begin living in a slide in camper upon my truck soon and I am trying to gather as much information on good places to park such an obvious piece of machinery overnight in the area. I have a regular 8-5 M-F job, so going outside of town every night will be out of the question till the weekends.

Any places that come to mind (parking lots, side streets, etc...) along with your personal experiences, would be very helpful.

Thank you
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(03-19-2016, 05:26 PM)othatoneguyo Wrote: going outside of town every night will be out of the question till the weekends.

Eugene is not that big of a city...and you can be out in the sticks with a 15 minute drive from anywhere in the downtown area. (OK, maybe not during rush-hour!)

You could head out towards Veneta, North towards Junction City, East out past Springfield, or south down to Cottage Grove area.

I can't understand why you couldn't drive that far everyday.
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The drive won't be a problem. Its the 7.5mpg that will be. I'm trying to save as much money as possible, including on gas.
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It's been about a year and a half since I was boondocking in Eugene but I was doing full time there for 8 months when we did. There are a lot of great places to park in Eugene within the city limits. I really liked the south side best. I never had any trouble but we were very considerate towards the neighbors by keeping quiet and never left a trace that we were there. We valued our stealth because we had to live there until my wife finished her degree at Lane community college. We spent an entire raining season there from October to June. We stayed at a lot of city parks on the south side. But mostly we stayed in neighborhoods. Our favorite spots were in front of vacant houses. The trick was to get ready for bed at a different location so all we had to do is pull in and jump in the back and go to sleep. Everything means brushing teeth to getting the curtains just right... everything. No motion and no lights after we pulled into our spot. We would make a drive by where we were going to park and make sure it was cool then parked and in the back and good night. We did this around 11 pm and left before 7 am. Most of the time nobody even knew we were there. If you need more sleep you can go to the park parking lot after 7 am. That's where we would make our breakfast and do our morning routine. We had it down to a science. When you follow this type of plan you can park in almost any neighborhood in Eugene.
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