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C head Composting Toilet Review
(04-07-2016, 01:23 PM)flying kurbmaster Wrote: I had this image of oatmeal cookie mix that had to be ladled out then have to scrape the edges and corners with a big rinse needed.

Maybe just after enchilada night.
[Image: W2lacLw.jpg]
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Nope its just pours right out, and is def nothing like oatmeal.. lol ewww. if that were the case it def wouldn't be worth it
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It's a "bucket"......not a bowl...................
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I did a lot of research before purchasing a composting toilet. I went the other route and spent more then I wanted to and bought the Separett Villa. So I would say this is the deluxe version toilet. I really liked the idea of a composting toilet but some of the more popular models had drawbacks that I couldn't get over.

What I really like about the Separett is that you don't add anything to it. No peat moss, no coco coir. It is basically a diverting toilet with a bucket for the solids part. It has a fan to exhaust out any smells and dry out the solids. But because there is no churning or adding anything to it the use of it is super simple. Anything can be thrown in the toilet because when it starts to get full I just lift the lid and pull the bag out and toss it in a dumpster somewhere. It can do it's composting thing in a landfill somewhere. So any type of TP. Feminine products. You name it you can just toss it in and not worry. Then I just put a new bag in and it's good to go.

For the liquids part it doesn't use a bottle. It has a hose that comes out the back and that goes into my gray water tank. I never have to worry about pulling a bottle of urine out and finding a place to dispose of it. It just get's emptied when the gray water tank is full and gets dumped.

As a side note. The composting toilet doesn't smell at all. It does have a fan running all the time to dry things out. But it's just a slight background noise at this point. Like the fridge cycling on and off. I don't notice it anymore.

So no reason to ever find a dump station to empty a black tank. No emptying the liquids bottle. No churning a handle. No setup of having to put some sort of material in the bucket to start. The ability to put anything in the toilet. These are the reasons that got me to shell out some serious cash for a toilet. I know this is the cheaper RV living forum but in this case I didn't go cheap.

In the end I think I paid about $1300 for the Separett toilet. But dang!!!! This thing exceeded my expectations. I don't have any regrets spending the money on this thing. I know a cheap bucket would do somewhat the same thing. For a lot cheaper... But I built a wetbath and in the for or against having a bathroom in a van (I have a high roof transit) I'm all for it. It takes up space but has been well worth it to me and that's what matters most. If it was only ever going to be me in the van I might have gone a simpler route. But my daughter goes on trips with me as well as a few female friends will go on some trips. So having something that resembled a normal rv bathroom was a priority.
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Sounds like a nice build should start a thread and post some pics.

My bathroom build is coming up and I'm always interested to see DIY wet baths...not all that common.

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...but no pictures thanks to Photobucket...
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I purchased the C-head after reading all the reviews.

But, because I have a 3 1/2 inch step up in that area..I had to get the "shorty". It does not use standard 1 gallon jugs. So, for me I will have to empty this more often. And figure a way to clean it out too. Otherwise, the operation will be the same

I also have a vent to the exterior. As luck would have it..the vent was already in the right place!
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(04-06-2017, 04:56 AM)BradKW Wrote: Sounds like a nice build should start a thread and post some pics.

My bathroom build is coming up and I'm always interested to see DIY wet baths...not all that common.

I keep thinking I'll get a thread of my build started. I definitely have good intentions too. Then I start working on the build and get distracted building the darn thing. I'll try and get some pictures together of what I've done so far.
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Youtube has several videos on home-built separating toilets, they look inexpensive and relatively easy to construct. Not the "fancy" housing of one of the "store-bought" but decent. (box, funnel, bottle and a bucket)
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