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RV Temperature monitoring device for pets.
(04-14-2016, 10:46 PM)GotSmart Wrote: Bob, 

If this has the same holes as the Verizon system it would only be of limited use.  

In some areas it could be extremely valuable.  If it saves one pet~~~ priceless.  

But the web site does not answer all the questions. 

He shows up at 1AM and leaves a generic sales pitch.   Huh  

I have family with Verizon in N~Ca, and they have a lot of dead zones not shown on the service map.  My cat is more important than a phone call  If I spend $200 plus, I would like to know what I buy will do the job.
Verizon is a bit sketchy for my taste, but it does work in most places I've been. In a few places where Verizon phones are flakey, this thing has worked. i found that out by chance. But I have been in a few places where it got no reception. I have ATnT, so I have to use their app, and that updates only every 30 minutes, so when I arrive at say... a park. I need to set it up and wait up to 30 minutes until it updates to see if I have reception (there are bars, like on a phone). If there is, I'm golden. If not, then I go back to checking the RV every 2 hours to make sure my pup isn't baking. The $19 per month service plan (that's if you pay it monthly) can be discontinued or reinstalled as you travel, so if you're not traveling, or in my case, not going to be anywhere warm, you just suspend the service. The customer service/tech support SUCKS, I have to say. Based in India and very limited and badly translated English. They try, but I hope as time goes on and this product gains the market it deserves (it really is a good product), their tech support will improve.
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IF you had one of these you could also use it as an outdoor thermometer when you are stationary/camping.

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For that price, you can almost buy a Maxxair 7000k, that will automatically open and turn the fan on at an appropriate speed. I set mine to blow air in, as my dog likes the couch directly under it. That way she gets the coolest air possible, then it goes to cool the rest of the van.
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If I have any doubt about pet comfort I don't leave them unattended.
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Here's a DIY version of an air conditioner thermostat that can turn the A/C on and off and also broadcast it's readings over the internet so you can read your temperature and humidity remotely:

Video by JYDOG, a member here.  Check out his box truck camper conversion videos, it's a sweet rig!
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I was watching a video by YouTuber's Technomadia. In the video they talked about using an IP camera in their rig pointed at a thermometer. You should be able to access such a camera by connecting it to the Internet. If Internet service is not available from your phone (if you have a cell booster in your rig the video/image may be transmitted by your IP camera to the Internet but your phone without a booster may have no Internet service) you could try connecting to your rig's WIFI router and view the thermometer video/image while in relatively close proximity to your rig. A big downside of this is bandwidth usage assuming you push the video to the Internet. You could probably set the camera to take and post an image every 5 minutes or so to decrease your bandwidth usage. If there is no option to include a timestamp in the video/image you could capture an image of a thermometer plus a clock to know you're looking at the current temperature.

In my opinion this should be a fail safe and something like the Fan-tastic Vent with a thermostat should be set to run when the temperature reaches a set point.
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earthling (01-09-2018)
If you have steadily available Internet access, Canary makes a camera that will send your smart phone an alert when the temperature gets hotter than a particular threshold (also monitors air quality and humidity). It is spendy, but I got one for myself years ago and have found that I really like it.

I should note that I am a semi-nomadic pet/house sitter who doesn't full time in a vehicle. I use my Canary to monitor the home I am pet/house sitting whenever I have to leave it. No reason that "home" cannot be a vehicle and use the tool the same way.

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You could just use a Temp Stick device and get a verizon hotspot. It would be much cheaper. I haven't personally used one but the reviews on this website says it is one of the best for RV's
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Spaceman Spiff (12-20-2017)

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