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Hello, I'm Luciano
I recently joined this group after being an observer for quite a while. I'm a 49 year old, who is very independent, adventuresome,
Imaginative, warm and friendly. I work as a teacher and am also a part time professional shooter (camera, not guns) Because I've
made some good investments, I will be leaving the work force next year, so I can increase the amount of time I'm on the road. 

Currently, I'm renting my house 7 to 10 days out of the month and then blocking off the rest of the month. I do this every month. 
It's a great way to make extra money. 

During the time I have guests, I live in my van. I've christened Maxine, Maxie for short. She's a Chevy 2500 express. I sketched out
what I wanted and had a design team put it together for me. Anyway, getting back on track......I like to urban camp during the time 
I have guests. It's a blast. Like having a tree fort or a tent in the kitchen made from a blanket hanging over the kitchen table. 

Later on, after I have cut the work umbilical cord, I plan on renting longer so I can go on the road longer. I'd like to go to Europe in a 
couple of years and explore the continent for a year or two. It's a trip I'd like to share with somebody. Conversely, if I need more home time, I 
just don't rent out my house. It works out pretty good.

I'd like to meet somebody who can relate to this life style. Somebody who is funny, smart, low maintenance, cute, in shape, easy going and flexible. Gold star if she plays 
chess, speaks Spanish, like to read, is kind of nerdy, has good camping skills and no small children. I'm on a couple of the major dating sites, 
and made it a point to be transparent of my life choices as they pertain to traveling. Unfortunately, 99% of the gals there just don't get it. They equate Van 
Dwelling to being Homeless or they think it's just plain weird. I wish I could show them how incredibly empowering and uplifting it is to wake up every
morning, knowing that from that point forward you can make any decision you want; where you sleep, eat, go, and when you want to do it. I can't think
of a life style more fulfilling. If this is me preaching to the choir, then perhaps we should get better acquainted.

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Maxine, my 2015 Chevrolet 2500, Express van - Camperized
Designed by me, built by El Kapitan, O.C. CA

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