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Washing clothes
Wondering how people deal with washing clothes. In the years I traveled in my youth there were laundromats everywhere, now it seems I only see them in low income areas. Also I used to wash them in a five gallon bucket, but using 5 gallons of water seems a waste. So, what do you do? In all the videos I watch, people look pretty spiffy too (or maybe they put on their good duds for the vid?)
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I use Laundromats, and 5 gallon buckets both. out west in the small rural towns the Laundromats are not in the low income areas because the towns are so small there really isn't a low income area. as far as the 5 gallon buckets, 5 gallons of water would do about 2 loads though them counting the rinse water. so with 5 gallons I could do wash for about a week. I have no problem getting water for washing even though most of the time I am remote desert areas. springs are everywhere. highdesertranger
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IanC (06-02-2016)
I go to laundromats, usually in small towns.

Only once can I remember skipping a place because the crowd hanging out in front did not look friendly. I have skipped others because they were too crowded. This is a benefit of being a nomad - going a couple of miles to a different place is no problem.  

Some public campgrounds (and most private) have laundry facilities. The AllStays Camp & RV app allows users to filter search results to see just these places if desired.

I have also used the laundry facilities in truck stops without problem. In some places these are in the ‘Professional Driver’s’ section and I would not use those; but in other truck stops they are available to anyone.  

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IanC (06-02-2016)
couple of more points. I hardly ever use the dryer waste of money imo. I take my cloths back to camp and air dry them. I don't care if I look like a hillbilly. it hardly takes any water to do a load in a 5 gallon bucket, and very little soap. just enough to clean. for a gallon of water I use like 1 heaping tablespoon. this keeps the rinse water to a minimum. I have been looking into that new small power washer, I think its called a wonder washer. there is a thread on it here somewhere. highdesertranger
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frater secessus (Yesterday), IanC (06-02-2016)
I've used laundromats all over the country by now! Planning ahead was even more important when you were hauling a 15' trailer behind 35' of motorhome...I used a book called 'The Next Exit' - A LOT! Today, it's not a problem   Big Grin 

I found the trick is to make sure that you're not down to the very last pair of socks or underwear BEFORE you start thinking of doing the laundry. One of Murphys' corollaries comes in to play at that point - you won't be able to find a laundromat just when you need it the most!
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oops its not a Wonder washer, it's a Panda washers that I have been looking at. highdesertranger
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We use laundromats but we have enough clothes that we can go for three weeks before we need one. 21 tee shirts, 21 pairs of underwear and 21 pairs of socks don't take up very much room. Everything else does multiple days. I've found the best way to find them is to do a google search with the city name + laundromat. Zoom in on satellite view to check out the parking. And sometimes people actually rate laundromats which will steer you away from ones that are dirty or have machines that are more often broken than not.
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Currently I have access to my ex and her new hubby's washer / dryer
They are both disabled so I do stuff to help them and they let me use their facilities
if I couldn't do that I'd likely use the bucket method, or a laundromat
HighDesertRanger, how do you keep the clothes from being stiff as heck? any time i try line drying it's like I'm puttin on papier mache
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doesn't bother me at all. they break in rather fast. I actually prefer line dried. highdesertranger
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unfortunately I have sensitive skin (sooper manly, no?) so it bothers me
Oh well, we all have our own way of dealing, and I'm sure I could deal with it if I had to
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