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Washing clothes
Learned from traveling in the tropics to avoid heavy cottons like towels and heavy tee shirts jeans they just do not dry even on a sunny sunny day. synthetics
will absorb and retain odor some new microfiber yoga towels work very well some newer generation sports undies as well easy to wash and air dry quickly.
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UUPS ALMOST FORGOT ABOUT SILK UNDIES, light and flexible and easy to wash military Alpaca wool sox are great.
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Odd, my towels and jeans will dry on a sunny day, they're just stiff as a board haha
that scrubba thing looks interesting, but also like a lot of work
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I use a laundromat weekly when I'm traveling. My only detergent is baking soda. Sometimes I put too much in and find some on my clothes after the cycle is complete. No big deal. I always use a dryer, line drying takes too long.

I have run into a few remote towns where there was no laundromat for many miles around or the only one available charged extortionate rates. Most laundromats in poor areas charge very reasonable rates, though. Average rate is $3 per load. If you can't find it, just ask any average person where the laundromat is and they will tell you.
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For hand-operated spinning the water out of clothing:

OXO Good Grips Salad Spinner, plastic version- 2.5 lbs, about $30; stainless - 3.8lbs, about $50.  I think there are two sizes, so be sure to get the BIG one.  The exterior bowl (water collector) has a 1.5+ gallon capacity, the inner basket holds 1.25 gallons of clothes (you didn't know clothes were measured in gallons, did you? Big Grin  )  There is no awkward handle to take up valuable storage space.  Watch the video: simple, easy, easy-clean:

Chef-Master Commercial Salad Dryer, $122 from Amazon; the commercial size/version of the same thing, but it holds 5 gallons of stuff; it is a bit larger than a 5-gallon HD bucket, and it does have a handle crank, and weighs almost 13 lbs.  Downside: the gears are plastic, disappointing w/that price.  Some people use it for laundry, see Comments.

Behren's Galvanized Mop Bucket w/Wringer ($30 at Amazon).  Two rollers sit on top of a 3-gallon bucket.  Simple, and you can store stuff inside the bucket.

Calliger Hand-Crank Clothing Wringer (about $145 at Amazon).  Just the frame, the 14" rollers, and the clamps to attach to the tub.

See Calliger operation set-up photos here:
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Vacilador (07-29-2016)
How abt using one of those commercial mop wringers and matching bucket; the ones that you put the mop head in and push down on the handle to wring the mop head out?

I bought one at Home Depot ten years ago or so to mop the floor of my small printing company. I bet it would be ideal for wringing out laundry. Back then I paid $40 or so for the combo. Commercial quality. Plus, you could use the bucket for washing the clothes, or for any other general purpose use.

. . . except that . . . use a separate bucket for that . . .
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VJG1977 (07-30-2016)
[attachment=10366 Wrote:highdesertranger pid='213749' dateline='1469751082']does any body use an old fashion wringer to get the excess water out?  manual operation no electricity needed.  highdesertranger

You can buy them on Amazon for about $150.  But why not buy   instead and you also get a 3 gallon bucket all for around $30.

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Problem with washing clothes is the amount of water needed I have washed in a bucket. nuff said
2015 RTR
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Although I think these are cute ideas, I've never met anyone who washes their clothes in Camp. Living in a van, space is limited. Living in the forest or the desert a person's clothes get very dirty. We live in a very dusty and dirty environment. It would be hard to imagine the amount of water necessary to get them clean. It would certainly take a commercial washing machine to get my clothes clean living out here in the desert. Many people resort to paying for water out of the grocery store machines when they go into town to pick up supplies. Water is a heavy commodity and takes a lot of space.. Personally, I think the idea is very impractical and have never seen anyone that washes their own clothes. A trip to the laundromat of affords a person the ability to schmooze with the locals, use free Wi-Fi, and get your clothes really clean. I am not even fond of washing dishes, I certainly would not enjoy washing clothes. With the winds we had today in the desert.... your laundry hanging on the line would of ended up on somebody's front door in Blythe. We were also surprised with rain.
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Where does the dirty-soapy water go when you're out in the boonies?

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