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Washing clothes
I decided on the manual type. Found a plunger at the Dollar Tree and have a 5-gallon Home Depot bucket. Biodegradable soap and I'm in business.
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frater secessus (11-28-2017)
Has anybody ever done "research" to see what cotton/poly combo is best for air-drying clothes as a nomad? I am wondering if 60%/40% cotton/polyester will dry in an appropriate amount of time?
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Problem I have with special high tech blends for quick drying, is they get smelly lots faster!

For me anyway, not just shirts but socks.

Merino wool for the win!
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My "research" results show that a blend of synthetics & cotton will air dry quicker that cotton alone. Synthetics generally retain warmth when wet as well, while cotton will remove warmth when wet. Each of these attributes can be both harmful & beneficial, depending on the circumstance. However, a damp or wet shirt of either material is refreshing to wear when it's hot, and the synthetic will still dry quicker. One example; while walking I came upon a creek and dipped my shirt as the air temp was 105f, and fifteen minutes later I noticed it was dry. I second the use of merino wool for socks.
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If you want something thats way better than a 5 gallon bucket but the same principle use some kind of an old cooler. After I got my 12 volt fridge I thought 'don't need that old 15$ igloo ice cube chest I got at Walmart anymore'.

Hmmmmm - if I cut a whole in the top for the plunger handle I have a RAHeeeely nice washin masheen! Its on wheels, can close the lid and have a spot to set a drink, when time to drain extend the handle and roll whereever & pull the plug.............

Jus sayin.............INTJohn
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rm.w/aview (01-24-2018), GypsySpirit (01-03-2018), Cammalu (01-03-2018), speedhighway46 (01-03-2018)
Did not read whole thread here so apologies if this is a redundant post.

Yes, its more expensive than a bucket & plunger (is ~$43) but my son bought one of these hand crank laundry spinners for his apartment and loves it. He works in a brewery and can't get to laundromat easily, so wanted to be able to rinse out shirts and stuff easily.

downside: may take up more room to store. Upside: with lightweight fabrics it helps spin the water out and dry time is super minimal.
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Yes, that was our only laundry appliance for almost a decade raising kids off-grid. Excellent, uses **very** little precious water boondocking, cleans as well as a big electric washer with hot water, and very easy, long as you don't let the pile grow, keep up with the washing regularly.

You can store some stuff inside when not in use.
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