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2016 Summer RTR in Flagstaff - Cancelled? Relocated?
That's too bad.
Surely dispersed camping is still allowed, just not all in large groups.With the record breaking heat further south, that would be a good place to be.
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It's no biggie, we're just splitting up into smaller groups.
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(06-19-2016, 08:48 PM)Every Road Leads Home Wrote: Sounds like they had a great turn out, but 75 people not getting permits seems a bit high, especially when all that was covered on their videos.  Or maybe someone got wind of the event and frowns upon vehicle dwellers in general?

  I misunderstood the post, I thought 75 people didn't get permits, my mistake.  After seeing Bob's video on it, he said he was required to get a permit for a group larger than 75 people.  But he had no way of knowing there would be this kind of turnout and no way of knowing the rangers would actually act on it.  

  Bummer it happened but nobody's fault in my opinion.  As the old saying goes "Shit Happens"  You live, you learn, and life goes on.  

Still bummed I couldn't make it even with it being cancelled!
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I am interested in what solution the "group" is finding to deal with this. Splitting up into groups of less than 70 people, moving further apart, not calling it a gathering but just notifying people where a key person is camping, getting a permit next time? What is the best way for individual vandwellers to rendezvous without turning it into an event requiring a permit?

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or have it on private property. highdesertranger
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Vanstock? Smile
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Bob's apology and explanation of what happened
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

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The tourist industry took a hit due to that action.  Now Flagstaff is on my list of places to bypass when traveling.  There are many other friendly places to stop and rest up a few days.  

A RTR must be worth at least $500 to $1,000 per person for the host city.  That is a minimum of $50,000 lost for Flagstaff. 

Someone should tell the tourism industry.
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Unfortunately, local, and even state governments have no authority and almost no influence over Federal agencies.

I remember several years ago the Governor of Massachusetts "requested" that the FBI put trigger locks on all the shotguns and rifles in their car trunks.  The FBI laughed and told him to mind his own damn business.

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Maybe there will be a gathering next year with a permit? I hope so.
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