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Anyone here using a Satellite Phone?
I plan on being in places where there's no cell phone coverage.. 

In addition, I've had experience with serious engine problems before, had no way to work on them, and no way to call for help.  

I'm considering getting a satellite phone in the near future, for those times I want to call for help; or check my email.  

If someone has experience and is willing to share that, I would appreciate hearing it. 

Thanks in advance,

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why not a ham radio. hell of a lot cheaper. highdesertranger
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I carry an InReach emergency beacon.  Coverage anywhere in the world where you can see the sky.  Can send and receive text messages.  Cannot do e-mail.

 -- Spiff
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Check Iridium, I used one for awhile out of the US and on some land I had in Mt. with no cell service. Read closely what your data rates are. Calls can be upwards of $6.00 a minute depending on where you are. You can rent or lease a phone and buy prepaid time. Get ready for ' Sticker Shock'. They will not work unless you have a clear view of the sky and then there may still be obstacles.

As far as sending and receiving emails or browsing the web, it can be done but at a hell of a cost. All of the Sat Phone Companies have declared bankruptcy at one time or another, but in my humble opinion Iridium is the best and most reliable.

Spaceman Spiff may have the best option if price is a concern. Good Luck.

I should note the six dollar a minute is out of the USA.
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Sat phones and devices have become very affordable recently, with basic plans below even $20/mo.

While that won't get you email or even voice, it will get something that allows you send text msgs and has an SOS feature. Combined with pocket portability, these devices offer a pretty amazing service at a low cost. While I doubt I'd bother with one for just myself, if I ever went back to wilderness guiding I would feel pretty irresponsible NOT having one. I've been in life-threatening situations far off-grid, and there's nothing that makes you feel as helpless as being on the side that has to wait many hours before a response can even be hoped for...and there's nothing like the panic-induced exhaustion and fear of being on the side that has to cross absurd terrain in the dark to try and find help.

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(07-10-2016, 07:18 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: why not a ham radio.  hell of a lot cheaper.  highdesertranger

Why not?  I hadn't thought of that... Better option in the long run, probably... Thanks again! Smile
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I have only the most basic knowledge of Ham Radio, but one thing about it especially intrigues me... the likelihood that it will still work when many other "disaster" scenarios occur. It doesn't rely on cell towers, and other infrastructure components which could/would be unavailable in many power loss situations. So, if the Power and Communications grids go down, Ham radios have a chance at still working. Highdesertranger, what type of radio would you recommend ... a smaller handheld type, or a large (expensive Smile ) type ?

Thanks in advance for any help...
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better to ask the experts here they will chime in. I am a beginner studying for license now. I am looking at a mobile, Kenwood TM-V71A. I am getting a ham for the same reasons you state. I am out of cell coverage often. highdesertranger
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(07-10-2016, 07:28 PM)Spaceman Spiff Wrote: I carry an InReach emergency beacon.  Coverage anywhere in the world where you can see the sky.  Can send and receive text messages.  Cannot do e-mail.

This is what my next purchase will be. Seems like a great solution. Here's a link on Amazon for anyone interested.
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highdesertranger: That mobile you pointed out , Kenwood TM-V71A looks ok to me... have you used it yet?
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