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They're quite wild just used to people a little too much.
Getting close can quickly become a very bad idea!
Stay Tuned

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Near Cooke City

After driving through Yellowstone, I camped just outside the Northeast entrance - pretty close to Cooke City.

Driving up:
[Image: 28529680592_00d92efea4_b.jpg]

[Image: 28603650286_673f6b4ab1_b.jpg]

[Image: 28603673196_a02cd48dd2_b.jpg]

[Image: 28019927393_c32be140e8_b.jpg]

Here’s where I camped. Not a big fancy campsite, but I don’t need one. There wasn’t much traffic on this road, so it wasn’t so bad being right next to it.
[Image: 28351509870_afcc88bd9c_b.jpg]

There sure are a lot of flowers here!
[Image: 28636150145_f325f97001_b.jpg]

[Image: 28529501902_34e5dc98db_b.jpg]

[Image: 28529461902_e1b3f4e910_b.jpg]

I got up around 4:30am to walk up a hill near where I camped to set up the GoPro on a tripod to take a time lapse of the sunrise. I don’t know why I keep doing this around here - there’s never any clouds in this region in the morning so there’s not really any sunrise to capture.

Later that morning I went for a hike:
[Image: 28636031585_820ff866f2_b.jpg]

[Image: 28529441332_257a228b71_b.jpg]
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Cooke City to Red Lodge

I drove the rest of the way from my campsite near Cooke City to Red Lodge. It’s only 64 miles, but I stopped so many times (and hiked around and took pictures) that it took me all day.

Thank you to those who told me to drive this road. It really is incredible. I haven’t said “holy fuck” so many times in one day for a long time. And these were all good holy fucks. The drive from Cooke City to the pass is nice on it’s own. There are a lot of lakes pretty close to the pass.

I would pass a whole lot of lakes. Over the whole day, I probably saw more than 100 (many far off in the big views on top of the pass)
[Image: 28529429262_4caf407e21_b.jpg]

[Image: 28019720733_8a55a62a0b_b.jpg]

Once the pass starts, there are a lot of switchbacks and elevation gain. This isn’t a pass that goes over a low, easy route. It goes to seemingly the highest point in 50+ miles. The views are incredible. This is why I spent so much time stopped. Up at the top, I spent a couple hours walking around. There are views to be seen in all directions - it does take a bit of walking to get to them. I spent a lot of time walking around north of the road. There is a high point with big views, but there is a moderate hill down from there - that goes down a couple hundred feet before dropping nearly straight down. I hiked all along that lower edge. It took a lot of hiking because it goes in and out, it’s steep, and it’s almost entirely covered in big rocks.

[Image: 28635970305_1ecf42c497_b.jpg]

[Image: 28019663013_80882a2931_b.jpg]

[Image: 28529326672_26eaa1e389_b.jpg]

[Image: 28529293812_b2e1427076_b.jpg]

[Image: 28529307902_9b86b013b2_b.jpg]

[Image: 28603338396_2684c3dd8a_b.jpg]

[Image: 28557124271_61b4a5a8d9_b.jpg]

I’m fairly disappointed with the pictures I got there. They really don’t do it justice. Part is just that taking pictures of some of these views flattens out the view and you can’t see the distances properly. Part is, I think, I haven’t captured and processed them nearly as well as is possible. When I’m back next summer, I’ll probably be better.
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Awesome pics. I'm heading to Wyoming and Montana next week and can't wait! What have been some of your favorite places to camp or things to see?
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(07-30-2016, 10:28 AM)SUV_RVing Wrote: Awesome pics. I'm heading to Wyoming and Montana next week and can't wait! What have been some of your favorite places to camp or things to see?

I like Yellowstone much better than Grant Tetons, but much of that is because there was a lot of forest fire smoke in the Grand Tetons when I was there. The drives are incredible - you can almost pick a road and go down it and it will be great, but Beartooth Scenic Byway is a guaranteed "holy fuck!" kind of drive. None of the individual places I've camped have been exceptionally good. But, it appears you can kind of pick a place and god, and it's going to be pretty damn good.

The mountain towns have a cool feel. I've spent a couple days each in Jackson, West Yellowstone, Red Lodge, and now Bozeman. They're all cool and each is different. A warning - if you use Verizon data, it was abysmally slow while I was in Jackson. It was ok in the other cities.
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I like Red Lodge and found it fairly similar to West Yellowstone, except that here there are many more regular residents. The Beartooth pass closes during winter, and I assume they get very few tourists and the town becomes just a normal rural small town.

[Image: 28641461675_b7d560d6cf_b.jpg]

There sure were a lot of old white dudes passing through on their motorcycles.

[Image: 28641482715_6260acf56e_b.jpg]

I spent one day researching and buying health insurance. I’ll have no gap between then my previous employer-provided coverage ends this month, and my new coverage starts August 1. My income for this year is too high to get any subsidy. The cheapest plan on the exchange was $235/month. I bought one that is $277/month because it has better coverage out of network and after deductible is passed. There as only ONE plan with a nationwide network. It was a gold plan from Samford, whom I read has a practice of canceling the policies of people using mail forwarding addresses. I’m looking forward to January of next year when I will get a big subsidy - since my income will only be my investment returns (mostly dividends), the amount I convert from one type of IRA to the other, and maybe some income from a hobby or two. My health insurance cost should drop to below $100/month.

[Image: 28534829982_8cf60ebc95_b.jpg]

So… where next? The factors impacting route decisions are:
- To get to Seattle around August 10
- Need to pick up some mail in West Yellowstone
- Don’t spend a lot more on gas than I really need to (I’m already buying gas much more quickly than would - in order to get from Denver to the PNW pretty quickly)

oh, fancy seeing you here
[Image: 28357085260_5e0a109de5_b.jpg]
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I must say your pics have excellent color saturation. what's your trick. highdesertranger
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Thank you hdr. Basically, I open them in Photoshop and increase the saturation ;-D

More details:
- shoot only in RAW (this allows more post-processing without making the image noisy)
- Increase contrast
- Increase exposure and brightness to accomate for the increased contrast
- Sometimes, increase the "shadows" or dark areas and decrease the "highlights" - this makes a more even exposure
- Increase "clarity"
- Modify the color balance - usually making the colors cooler and they are often too warm out of camera, and sometimes I can use this to bring out certain colors that the camera doesn't pick up as well as they really look

I spend maybe 30-90 seconds working on each picture in photoshop.
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You hit the Beartooth at prime time for wildflowers!! I lived in MT for about 10 years and most of my work was doing PR for the tourism industry. I've been EVERYwhere in that state and the Beartooth has remained my favorite drive to this day. The Chief Joseph drive that goes from Cooke City south to Cody WY is pretty darn great, too.

Red Lodge has a mining history and existed as a successful small town before the tourism boom, so you are right that it is an up and running little city even in winter. In winter, you can get to Cooke City only by going through Gardiner, MT, and that NE route... snow plows keep the road open most of the time as there are full-time residents in those little towns. Hardy folks, eh?

Every north-south valley in central to western MT is worth your time, so there is much more to explore. Plus Glacier (which is fantastic in the fall but the nights will be very cold). South and west of Glacier especially has larch (tamaracks) whose needles turn bright yellow.

Wow... you've got me so "homesick" for MT and now I'm just gushing with great memories. But you know what the greatest thing about your photos and videos? You are so obviously just delighted to be where you are... your happiness just requires the viewer to smile back.
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Thanks for all the pics...really makes me want to get out there and see it all for myself!

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...but no pictures thanks to Photobucket...
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