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A friendly remind about quoting and replying to posts
Well....another lesson learned already! I should have ready this before I just replied to some posts. I hadn't been using the quick reply. I was replying to each post individually. Sorry about that! Newbie definitely in the learning stage here! Thanks for the info and understanding!
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Kathleen (12-11-2016), #1BonBonQueen (11-30-2016)
hi angry man. all youve said sounds like swahilli to me. I dont understand a word. I wish i was computerliterate...
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Just go by the dam rules of the forum
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Just wanted to mention some of us use TapaTalk and do not see or have access to all the items sometimes mentioned. We can lessen the quotes however.
I choose to use TapaTalk because I find it much easier to read the posts on my phone. The print on the web site is too small for me on this phone screen.
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Maybe just disable quote capability all together then if it seems to be that big of an issue.
Living it up on planet Earth.
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(11-30-2016, 05:39 PM)nicoloyd Wrote: You have a great idea with disabling the quote, but... how???
Not all of us are so computer literate.
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Quoting can't be disabled on an individual basis. And it's not a big deal. People should just the feature with consideration for others.
I'd like to give myself a few negative ratings, because I am such a big meanie. The forum won't allow it. Feel free!

Cyndi (made it across the cattle guard)

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I rarely use quote button.
If I want to respond to a specific part of a post I'll copy paste just the part I need .
Stay Tuned

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highdesertranger (11-30-2016)
I came here to see if there was a thread about this, because it drives me bonkers. Quite often I will just back out of a thread entirely after scrolling past three or four replies that include the very long orginal post in them. (Especially if I'm on my phone)

One more tip: IF you're going to quote, make sure your reply is outside the quoted material html tags. Otherwise it's hard to tell where their words start and your begin, especially if you're sick of looking at the original quoted post and are scrolling quickly.  Tongue
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cyndi (04-23-2017)
I agree. Less quotes is mo betta. And I am trying hard to restrain my use of the exclamation mark, making the point with my boring writing style instead. (!) - Crofter  Smile
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cyndi (04-23-2017)

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