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A friendly remind about quoting and replying to posts
(04-23-2017, 08:56 AM)Stretch Wrote: One more tip: IF you're going to quote, make sure your reply is outside the quoted material html tags.

   Yes please, this is even more annoying than not trimming the thread you're replying to.  

I have a hunch a lot of people don't know what trimming a post even means, thus they're not doing it.
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How many times have these requests been made. Hate to say it but I think this will never change until moderators have a friendly heart to heart with serial offenders. I agree with ERLH that most people who do this probably aren't aware and further that they may not be reading this thread.

Trimming Post: If a member is replying to a single sentence of a previous post just quote that sentence. No need to quote the complete previous post.

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Stretch (04-24-2017), Every Road Leads Home (04-23-2017)

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