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15 minute limit on post edits
Our history with the 15-minute time limit for editing posts:

For the first several years this forum was on a different software platform that did not have a time limit to edit a post.  What sometimes happened was member #1 would make a comment that member #2 disagreed with.  After member #2 presented their reaction in a response, member #1 edited their original post making member #2 appear to have over-reacted to or misunderstood member #1.  Unfortunately, this scenario happened too often.  So, when the forum owners began looking for a replacement software, they purposely selected one that had a time-limit function.

For over a year the time limit to edit a post was set to 5 minutes.  Then, at the request of several members and a consensus among the moderators, the time limit was extended to 15 minutes.  See this post to view that discussion.

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