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Freedompops Global sims (free AT&T)
(09-29-2017, 03:32 PM)jimindenver Wrote: They promote multiple accounts. In fact right after you but the first sim they offer you another on the same account. Do not take it as it can not get any extra data. At times they give away devices just to get people signed up. When the sims are 99 cents you can buy as many as you want as long as you only have 5 accounts/ 5 emails on one card. It does cost $5 each if you turn off the auto top up but then you can not go over.

Jim,   I am looking at Freedompop for cell service. I read all I could find about freedompop on their website, which was not a lot of info about how it actually works, except that it is all done using WiFi (hotspots) and they use AT&T towers (in the case of GSM phones) to get access in order to make a cellular telephone cell call on their service.  Is everything going to be data useage with Freedompop, even voice and text?
I do know that they are different from "real" cellular carriers.
  Do you recommend  getting my main cell phone plan with FreedomPop? Or would it be better if I go to a carrier like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint or T-Mobile to buy a basic cellular plan? I'd like to buy a cellular service but I am limited as to what I want to pay each month for cellular.
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It is possible if your usage is that low. I posted in the 3G hotspot thread about plans from Redpocket starting at $60 a year and can be used on the carrier of your choosing. At $5 a month it is only 100/100/500 but it could be on Verizon if you wanted. There are other plans with higher allotments.
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The key for most of us is geographic tower coverage outside populated areas.

Verizon leads ATT by a little, depends on where you are.

But Sprint is **very** thin on the ground. T-Mobile has continued to aggressively build out over the past few years, and often gives much better bandwidth because they're not as oversubscribed like the top two.

Going with a reseller or an MVNO is always going to save money compared with direct, as long as you don't need customer service, and are willing to shop around for the deals that match your usage patterns.

IMO never ever lock into a contract, buy your hardware separately from your service provider.
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It looks like it's location dependent (See if your location qualifies). What if I'm traveling all over the country?
Someone wanted me to put this here:
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Yes the more you travel outside well-populated areas the more important good coverage is.

ATT + Verizon would have you as well covered as possible.

Or either of those for voice/text coverageplus one of the cheaper less-coverage two for cheap price per GB, high-volume data streaming.
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Location when it comes to the address connected to a Freedompop device is then checking if there is service there. They will not accept the account if there is not.

Verizon and AT&T are so close with Verizon getting the nod until I find out if the Mobleys roaming evens the field. I would have said they were enough except at times the other two really kick their overloaded butts. The Rockies sealed the deal when the big boys were overloaded or not there and T-Mobile and Sprint lit it up.

Sprint vs T-Mobile? When it comes to LTE I find them to be half and half for seeing one but not the other. Pure foot print goes to Sprint though. T-Mobile can cover huge areas with its band 12 IF your device gets it. Sprint has their 3G network in places you would never expect to make a phone call. For me basic functionality and footprint wins.

I ordered the Redpocket deal. You get 3 sims to use depending on what service your phone uses.
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2003 Ford Expedition with 435w of tilting solar.
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So to update this. Two things have happened to affect these AT&T sims. First Freedompop changed their policy on gifting and receiving data. So now each sim is good for only 700 Mb. Second is that Freedompop has left the global sims and is only doing the LTE AT&T sims. You have to upgrade to the new sims or the account is useless. They said the global sims would still work but none of mine do.

Upgrading is easy. The once global hotspot gets HESP+ even though it says LTE in the settings. My Samsung Galaxy 4 gets LTE and is pretty spiffy too. The thing I will miss about the global sims is if you went to netflix you would get different movies than we get here.
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2011 Ameri-lite 25 ft bunkhouse with 750w of solar and a 675 Ah bank
2003 Ford Expedition with 435w of tilting solar.
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The following 1 user says Thank You to jimindenver for this post:
Peterson (11-14-2017)
Last time I checked my FPop global sim was still working, bouncing between Tmo and ATT. I did have to set the APN to that foggmobile value. I'll play with it again this week.
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I have a global sim- data only for my ipad. This has the 700 mb of data that I collected from "friends".   Then I have 2 global sim voice,text,data,  and 2 lte sims voice, text, and data.  It was a nightmare getting 2 of the 5 sims set up properly, or getting them at all.  I was able to cancel all the freebies and cancel all the pay for services easily, and getting refunds was easy for their screw ups.  The global sims are about 2 years old, and the lte sims are about 6 months old.  

Set up separate email accts if you want the extra free data.  Lack of knowledge caused me to have 2 sims on the first account and the free data only applies to the 1st sim set up on that account.  The other sims cannot collect free data if on the same email account.

Also, turning off auto top up costs you $5, returned to you as a credit, but that credit has to be activated every month by going to your billing page, opening the 2nd tab (credits) scrolling to the bottom, and clicking activate credits.

Also, I have read you will lose your number if it is not used for several months/ or they turn off your account which is easily turned on again by clicking reactivate./ or they charge you a penny to make sure your credit card is still active.  

I have had to turn on my data only sim just now, haven't used it in months, I also had my global sim turned off after being active for months, then it was  inactivated and  I needed to reach out to get it turned back on and had to get a new number.  It didn't cost me anything but headaches and time, but getting help takes days via email.  If you have the pay for services, you can call in to get help faster.

My numbers seem to be OK, Global and lte sims all seem to be working.  I try to make calls once a month to make sure they are still working OK.  

Other than having $30 tied up in credits for turning off auto top up, that's the only fees I paid, except for the purchase of the sims.  Globals were $4.99, and lte's were 99 cents.  
I have never really tested them out for long term, so I have them just for back ups.

I had them all before getting on t-mobile's service for their family plan, and that has been working out great for us in the northeast on t-mobile.  I somehow snagged a lifetime 20% discount (hook-up),  a promo upgrade for all lines called one plus, free netflix, and kickback discounts.  For 4  lines it has been costing us $104.00 every month for unlimited everything.  All but 1 of us get the $10 kickback discount monthly.  (stay under 2 gb/month and they give you $10 for every line that does it- saving an additional $30/month).  Otherwise, use unlimited and give up that give back.

So having the lte sims running on ATT will cover what t-mobile misses, but their coverage has been amazing so far for the last 6-8 months.  

Hope this helped explain a little more with freedom pop.  If you use it wisely, it can be totally free every month for a spare phone or a tablet for emails and non data hogging stuff.
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