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How to get vehicle out of desert sand
I ran across this a while back and it stuck in my mind.  It's not ultra-quick, but it should get the job done when there's nothing to tie a strap to.  Runs 2.5 minutes.
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If you have the clearance here is one of my favorites. You can buy commercial versions of this

Sometimes pressing on the brake pedal while giving it gas helps. The brake pressure on the spinning wheel forces the other tire to do some work.
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(08-16-2016, 02:47 PM)DannyB1954 Wrote: I know on GM vehicles if you put the transmission in D2 it reduces applied torque which helps to keep the wheels from spinning and keeps power to both rear wheels. 
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A short description of the videos in the links would be helpful.


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Sometimes throwing water in front of the wheels will harden sufficiently to allow tires enough traction to get out
Minivanmotoman,  Absolutely Positively.
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Per someone's suggestion here years ago, I started carrying a good air compressor with me. When stuck, I deflate my tires down to around 8psi. I've always been able to drive right out and once on solid ground, re-inflate my tires. It works better than anything else I tried over the years and the compressor is handy to have anyway.
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"How to get vehicle out of desert sand"

shift it into four wheel drive. easy. LOL smart ass. highdesertranger
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(11-20-2017, 10:25 PM)highdesertranger Wrote: "How to get vehicle out of desert sand"

shift it into four wheel drive.  easy.  LOL smart ass. highdesertranger

Unless you were already in 4 wheel drive. Huh
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I wouldn't know about that, never been stuck in sand in 4wd. highdesertranger
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bullfrog (11-21-2017)
At the dunes back home, I saw a farm kid get stuck in his old rustbucket. He used a ratchet strap and a short piece of board, which stuck out just a bit on either side of the tire... on both sides. He threw a lot of sand, but paddled his way back to firmer ground, where he had to immediately stop, as the boards didn't work so well on the firm.

These were mounted across the side of the tire, but I wondered whether it might be an idea to strap a smaller board across the treads instead, threading the strap through the wheel spokes. Now there are aftermarket versions of that available on Amazon. Big Grin

I had plenty of time to watch, as I was sitting in my own sand hole with my old rustbucket, a kind Toyota owner whose 4wd was actually working (my front driveshaft was wrapped up and sitting behind the seat) was on his way over to pull me out.
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