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Running on Fumes
Leaning out a mixture and also advancing timing? oh boy
That's a recipe for detonation for sure, why do you think when all the automakers started leaning out fuel mixtures to get lower emissions the retarded the timing? for shits n giggles?
anyone who ever tried to get one of those 70s smogger motors to run 0-60 in less than 60 seconds and get decent fuel mileage while using factory parts has seen this for themselves
Detonation kills motors
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so you understand the joke?
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I don't think many do get the jokes. Certainly not OP.
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(03-26-2017, 09:27 AM)highdesertranger Wrote: hahaha,  
"This is unproven academic theory: I believe this is due to engine design, heard of people widening the exhaust valves to solve this. Perhaps I'll need a beefed up radiator system with a secondary radiator to make up for the raised combustion temperatures?"

you think it's unproven.  well take any engine and lean it out and see what happens.  your beefed up radiator THEORY shows your lack of understanding.  you can put the biggest radiator in the world on a leaned out engine or ten radiators and it will not lower the combustion temps from running lean.  you already have the most efficient internal combustion engine made,  a diesel.  no matter what you do you will not make a gasser as efficient as a diesel.   at least you answered me this time.  highdesertranger
hotter combustion = hotter pistons = hotter engine? This is logic behind beefing up the radiator.

My theory is when the leaner one runs, the less gases to take the combustion heat out of the cylinder after combustion; thus the heat stays and the pistons run hotter.

If this is the case, will need to cool the cylinders somehow to not destroy the engine.

(03-26-2017, 09:40 AM)ArtW Wrote: ...Detonation kills motors
Working to earn my CDL so I can get ahead & LIVE LIFE!

Time saved is Time Banked* & value added.  *in quality of life context.

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