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Cargo trailers and toxic plywood
I love the smell of the lumber section.
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(09-12-2016, 11:30 AM)WheelEstate USA Wrote: I love the smell of the lumber section.

I love the smell better when all that lumber is standing upright and has leaves and needles attached.... Angel
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I assume off gassing happens at a greater rate when the item is new. Maybe buying used would be better for those sensitive. I plan on staying where a vent fan will keep me comfortable. If I was going colder climates, I would look into an air exchange system. I don't see how breathing any kind of heater fumes is OK.
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There is more off-gassing when things are new but it's a lot more complicated than just buying used if someone has to deal with any of the illnesses where it is a factor. Sensitivities are individual so what would work for one won't work for another, and may not work for that first person at a later time either. That's a whole 'nother thread though. This can give those interested an idea though:
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(09-12-2016, 10:10 AM)Almost There Wrote: I've never had a problem with either of my two W/C trailers.

Thanks for all the input, any thumbs up for other brands other than wells cargo?
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I've been happy with my Carry On I bought used. I also have a larger Pace that I bought used this summer for a tool trailer for my business. It seems decent.
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I've read about formaldehyde off-gassing concerns with mobile homes and one recommendation was to allow them to air out. You could do that with a new trailer as well. Just open the doors when it's nice and allow it to air out for a few weeks/months before using it.
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(09-12-2016, 01:00 AM)Salient0ne Wrote: Newbie here,

I'm in the never ending planning phase, done some reading about toxic plywood in older rvs and cargo trailers. I am currently considering converting a new cargo trailer.

Is this still a problem? Or will I die a slow horrible death inside my cargo trailer? Angel

It has been said that 2 or 3 coats of polyurethane will keep the toxins at bay.  Also, I am currently building my 6x12 foot cargo trailer into a camper and my walls are chip/wafer board. That's double trouble due to the glue in this type of wall board. They say that toxic glues are no longer used.
My solution for the floor:  I painted the already sanded 3/4 inch chip board floor with 185-Latex Primer and then installed Peal 'n Stick one foot square vinyl flooring. I saved on weight by not laying down Luan plywood before applying the vinyl squares. I feel this flooring will protect me from toxins in the floor. I also sprayed the vinyl squares with 3M 77 Spray Adhesive, as the surface of the chip board is extremely rough.
My solution for the walls:  Instead of using 3 coats of polyurethane on the walls, I am mixing it first to keep it from turning the chip board too dark. The mixture is the same I learned from boat builders. Mix equal parts of polyurethane, tung oil, and mineral spirits in a glass jar. If you need to save it for later use, just put a lid on it. Linseed oil will darken wood, but tung oil will not. They claim this will protect boat furniture from moisture. This is the mixture I will apply on my walls. 
On my Luan shower walls however, I will use epoxy/spar polyurethane.
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Some people are hypersensitive and need to take extraordinary measures.

The rest use common sense, lots of ventilation, more in early stages.

But never seal up completely, have to prevent condensation by actively venting whenever living aboard.
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