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Bob Wells New Video Channel
Without Bounds. A frugal journey to find yourself. I found a theme song but you will have to get the rights. You may be able to just offer them exposure through your site.

A wise friend once told me to never have an equal business partner. Even if you have to pay them more than yourself, make the other party an employee.
The world is not perfect, and neither am I. Get over it already. 
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One of the lines of the song is home is where your heart is. That would work well also.
The world is not perfect, and neither am I. Get over it already. 
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Hey Bob! We were doing some speculating in this thread:

and I had found this channel made 4 years ago:

Is that you or did someone try to capitalize on your fame? If it is you that's great because you can use one channel to be RV living specific and the other for "other" stuff that may not be RV specific. I'll help if you need it.
Research your own experience; absorb what is useful, reject what is useless and add what is essentially your own.  ~ Bruce Lee

My new blog and discussion!
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Looking forward to seeing your new channel Bob!
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Love your stuff Bob. I subbed.
My youtube channel:
Featuring various aspects of living in a van.
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Awesome, looking forward to the new vids! Will they also be embedded on the blog posts here at CRVL?
SUV RVing Blog and YouTube Channel
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(09-28-2016, 04:38 PM)BradKW Wrote: If nothing else, I think it's a good chance to come up with a better name for the channel...I never identified "Enigmatic Nomadics" with anything, just seemed like trying to be too clever by half.

And while "Bob Wells" is certainly a fine name as far as people's names go, I think it'd be a missed opportunity to simply call it the Bob Wells Channel. Might be fun to make a little naming contest or something?

I agree.  You want to name your channel based on what are called Key Words.  Key words are the words that people would type into Google or Youtube to find subjects.  EX:

Van Living
Van Dwelling
How to live in a van
successful van dwelling
successful van living

Ahh what the heck.  I went to google keyword planner that us internet marketers use to get keywords and here are some of the ones that came up under "van dwelling"

a van
a vans
best van for living in
best van to live out of
best vans for living in
best vans to live in
best vans to live out of
buy a van to live in
campervan living
can you live in a van
cargo van conversion
cargo van living
cheap bobs
cheap motorhomes
cheap van living
cheaprvliving blog
conversion van living
converting a van to live in

good van to live in
good vans to live in
how much do vans cost
i live in a van
i want to live in a van
live in van conversion
live in van for sale
live in vans
live in vans for sale
live rv
living and traveling in a van
living conversion van
living in a van
living in cargo van
living in conversion van
living in minivan
living in the van
living in van
living in your van
living off the grid in a van
living out of a van
living out of your van
living the van life
living van for sale
living vans

stealth camper van
stealth camper vans
stealth camping
stealth camping van
stealth van
stealth van camping
stealth van dwelling
stealth van living
travel van
van camping
van dwelling
van dwelling conversion
van dwelling shower
van dwelling woman
van life
van living
van living conversions
van living ideas
van rv
van stealth camping
van to live in
van you can live in
vandwellers singles
vandwelling woman
vans for life
vans to live in
vans to sleep in
vans wiki
vans you can live in
walden on wheels


So put your keyword first in your new channel name.  Also you want to optimize your channel after you set it up. 

Bob we've before talked under The Real Men's Channel where I teach and give urban dating advice to young fellas.  I'm the guy that made that video about the Runaway mini trailer/campers.  I've also made one about the foretravels if you google Foretravel Demo the #1 video is mine. 

I wish you luck and I've got your back bro.  You were the reason why I went to the channel to watch videos.  You have a strong following of people that will follow you anywhere.

You come off as a winner at what you are doing so I admire that. 

Your ex-partner is a cool cat also.
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[Image: Bob-how-to.jpg]

Click on the image above to play the video.
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Whew!!! Thanks Bob for letting us know.  When I saw Jamies video today saying what happened I almost had a panic attack!!  I get so much more from your videos and would so terribly miss them that I went searching for and joined here to hopefully not miss out on what you produce.  Your videos are irreplaceable!  Please keep them coming!  They are what give this old girl the courage to think I can get a B/+ or a van and live in it and have some freedom to enjoy what's left of my time!  Eagerly awaiting all that transpires with your channels and other endeavors!    Subscribing to your new channel immediately!
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Collaborative youtube efforts are usually posted on BOTH channels aren't they?
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