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Bob Wells New Video Channel
Hey Bob , just have a great time with the kid !
Plenty of time to figure out the rest later
I'm sure it will be great .
Stay Tuned

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1981 Travelcraft Class C - 23'
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Enjoy your time off Bob and have fun with your son. I have enjoyed everything you share with the public. I hope you continue to do so, but if you decide you're burnt out, I hope those that you have taught will continue to pass on to newbies like me what they have learned from you. You are definitely one cool guy who I hope to meet one day. Wink
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Love the content on the channel as it was and will continue to follow it and the new channel as well. More diversified content is never a bad thing. Win win for everyone. Glad to hear the relationship is still intact. That is more important than any singular or collection of videos.
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Subbed the new channel. I enjoy watching you both and will continute to do so. So glad you are reuploading the guess at 80% and I sincerely hope you both can come to an agreement at allowing the remaining 20% (guess. lol) to be uploaded either to one or both channels. You both did so much work on those videos, and you both continue to be such a valuable part of the community. Glad you guys are still friends, when I saw the split video my heart kinda sank, but good to see you confirming that it was mearly a creative/business decision.

Do enjoy your time off! Can't wait to see your new content. Big Grin
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I wish you both the best.

Maybe we'll get double the content now!

The reasons I suppose are no ones business. And I won't speculate.

I for one would hate to see the collabed videos go to waste though. Maybe a third channel for all the old content and let it just let it sit with no comments and no new content added. Maybe you can both publish the old videos on both channels.

Subbed BTW. Still following Jamie too. He seemed really shaken up in his video about the whole thing.
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ALRIGHT BOB!!! I watched the sky diving video and that was fabulous. I love it when people step out of their comfort zone and take a chance.
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I finally got a second to make a new video and upload it. My new channel is here:

and this is the new video with as much explanation as I'm comfortable giving:

2015 GMC Savannah 2500 van, 480 watts of Solar Panels--and a wonderful furry best friend named Cody. I'm out to change the world!
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thanks Bob. I see the mountains got a little dusting, winter is on the way. have a good time with our son. highdesertranger
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Rjudice (10-01-2016)
One thing that I've always felt made Bob's interviews superior to just about anything else out there, is his ability to encourage people to tell their story without inserting himself and his experience into it. Being able to facilitate an interview and also be transparent isn't easy, but it seems to come naturally.

Ford E450 Box Truck RV Conversion
...but no pictures thanks to Photobucket...
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