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Bob Wells New Video Channel
Sorry to hear about the creative differences Bob but glad to see you will be continuing with your own channel. I always find your videos super helpful!
~ Cheli ~

Looking forward to becoming a nomad and living free.
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I can't say I'm disappointed.  I like Bob's style.
The simple fact is, no matter the content and the expertise of the person making the video, some people are easier to watch than others.  
While one shouldn't appear stiff and scripted, too many "ums & uhs" are distracting and annoying, and I can't watch more than a minute before I turn it off.  The same goes for interviews where the interviewer does more talking than the subject - guide the topic, ask clarifying questions when necessary, then shut up and listen.
No offense intended to Jamie and his fans.  I admit I haven't watched all of Jamie's videos - maybe I haven't seen his best work and I'll keep checking them out.  I'm sure he's improved over his first effort and continues to improve.
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FYI -  The YouTube button on the main page of this website, under "Stay Connected With Me!", it still points to the older YouTube channel you had, the channel named "cheaprvliving vlog", not the new channel.
Living it up on planet Earth.
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So Happy for us all to have that new channel to watch.
We did like the "other" videos, but I always enjoy watching Bob and how well he does when he is interviewing those who have allowed him to record them.
He is an inspiration to us all, in what he tells about himself and how well he tells the others stories.
I always look forward to the new videos but also like going back in time, to see the older ones too.
Hubby has finally gotten the "itch" for wandering, and I do believe it is all because of the great videos that Bob has posted.
Am so looking forward to meeting Bob Wells and all the folks that will be at the RTR in Jan. 
He makes it look so easy to do, and makes it look like the lifestyle to have, no matter what you are doing now, and now, we are going to give it a go, in January.
Thanks Bob Wells, those videos have  such good content in them!!!!!
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Big Grin   2014 SunSeeker.  F-350 V-10. 25' ready,
 with my Hubby and the Pets,
to ride the winds,
 or follow the sun,
 whichever fits our whims.     

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so i am looking up "cheaprvliving"now?
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(12-20-2016, 10:41 PM)Gary68 Wrote: so i am looking up "cheaprvliving"now?

Here's a direct link to Bob's new channel:
[Image: crvl_sig.jpg]
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