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Thanks everyone for your feedback on the first poll, I have asked for nearly all the changes you suggested.

So here is the updated poll with a whole batch of new LOGOs that came in. The best is just coming in!

After today I narrow it down to three designs and then work directly with them. I can ask them to make any changes and these are the ones who have been most responsive to changes I asked for.

These are very tough choices, some are truly brilliant.

I'll make Tshirts and bumper-stickers out of them as well.

here is the url to the poll:

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Byrd2001 (10-21-2016)
I like 35 & 40.

35 for it's clean lines and bright color. 40 for it's simplicity and the feeling it evokes.
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I like 35 too.
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I like 44. Something about the mountains and the bird breaking free of the confines/boundaries of the circle that resonates with me. Plus, the lettering is easy to read.
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I agree with how the poll is going but certainly miss #10 from the last poll.
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GotSmart (10-04-2016)
I like 40 best because, again, logo = simplicity.

If I was going to pick a runner-up, I'd choose 39 but it's a distant 2nd for me. I really like 40 a lot!

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I found #61 to be the most thought provoking...what does Born to Wonder really mean? 

[Image: attachment_76542491]

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VanGrrl57 (10-07-2016), bLEEp (10-04-2016), GotSmart (10-04-2016)
I like #61 but would prefer a standard van rather than a step van because the majority of people looking at it will automatically identify with a passenger and/or cargo van.
I like #44 as is.
I like #33 except for the van, it's looks like a van from a senior center but it's probably a class C with vague outlining.  I love the coloring.
I think #41 would make an awesome patch to sew onto hats and jackets.
#40 looks like a logo you'd have in a small size one one side of a shirt, such as a polo shirt.

If I had to choose only one it would be #61 with a different van however I wanted to show other possibilities as I'm assuming you'll expand merchandising.

I'd have loved to see what members would have come up with having designed a few things myself.  I agree with whoever posted about the original logo.  I see that and I automatically think of the recreational signs I saw as a kid, which brings up all sorts of happy memories.  I would have updated that one in a heartbeat.
I have brain damage that makes understanding technical details and math related things a nightmare.  Please don't assume for me that I can just up and comprehend what you do.  My posts, requests and questions are directly related to getting and giving information that *I* can comprehend.  Thank you.
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I have a fleece jacket that I collect patches on (hint hint).

High contrast and bright colors seem to last longer................
Stay Tuned

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Of this batch I really like # 44... What Suanne said
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